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How dangerous is Stamford for pedestrians and bicyclists?

When a pedestrian or bicyclist is exposed to a traffic crash, they can end up suffering injuries that will cause their life to never be the same. Unfortunately, it appears that traffic crashes involving those who take to their feet or their bike to get around are on the rise in Stamford.

According to recent statistics, in 2016, Stamford saw 110 crashes that involved either a bicyclist or a pedestrian. In 2014, the city only saw around 65 such accidents. The difference between the 2014 and 2016 totals amounts to an almost 70 percent increase in such crashes.

Could frustration at work make a person a worse driver?

Some people end up experiencing a great deal of frustration in relation to their job. There are a range of different things a person may not like about their job. When a person is in a job that they greatly dislike, it can impact them in many ways. Might it even impact how safely they drive out on the roads?

A recent study suggests there may be a connection between not liking one’s job and acting unsafely behind the wheel.

Are Connecticut drivers getting worse when it comes to safety?

Safe driving is of paramount importance. When drivers in a state engage in unsafe practices out on the roads, the consequences can be great, both for individuals in the state and the state as a whole. So, one would hope that the general trend among drivers here in Connecticut would be towards being safer out on the roads.

Unfortunately, a recent report raises the possibility that the opposite is occurring. The report suggests that, over the past three years, the safety of Connecticut drivers as compared to drivers from other states has dropped.

'Invisible' hazards at work can lead to occupational illnesses

What you can't see can hurt you, sometimes considerably. One place where this can certainly be true is the workplace. Not all safety risks at work jump out visually. Some, like environmental risk factors, such as fumes or chemicals, are more or less invisible.

A worker's life could be substantially altered by exposure to dangerous levels of such 'invisible" hazards. For one, such exposure could lead to a worker developing an occupational disease. Such illnesses can have major health effects and, in some instances, could even end up eventually taking a worker's life.

How common are nursery product injuries?

There are many different types of products parents get for their young children. Sadly, sometimes, young children suffer injuries in relation to these nursery products.

A recent report by staff of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission gives some indication of how common these types of injuries are here in America. The report made estimates as to how many emergency-department-treated injuries related to nursery products children under five suffered here in the U.S. in 2015.

Study looks at surgery for TBI-related eye problem

Traumatic brain injuries can expose their victims to a wide range of different effects. This can include vision troubles. One eye-related problem some TBI victims experience are vision losses resulting from a type of brain-injury-related hemorrhaging in the eye called Terson syndrome.

Recently, a study looked at the effectiveness of a treatment aimed at helping improve the vision of TBI victims who have Terson syndrome. The treatment is a surgical procedure called a vitrectomy. This surgery involves taking a type of gel, called vitreous gel, out of the area between an eye's retina and lens and putting a saline solution in in place of the gel. The aim of this is to remove old blood that may have gotten into this area from the hemorrhaging.

Be safe around snowplows this winter

During the winter, roads here in Connecticut can see a fair amount of snow. After a snowfall, many things can be a common sight in the state. This includes snowplows traveling around clearing off the state’s roads. So, this time of year, it is not at all uncommon for Connecticut drivers to find themselves in the same area as a snowplow.

How a driver acts when they encounter a snowplow out on the roads matters greatly. Certain conduct could expose a driver and those around them to danger. Examples of such unsafe conduct include:

  • Following too close to snowplows.
  • Passing operating plows on the right.
  • Being careless when passing plows on the left.

Recent recall covers millions of food processors

Certain things could make eating a more dangerous activity than is normally the case. One is if the food products one has purchased are contaminated. Another is if the devices one uses for food preparation contain defects. This includes food processors. Last month, a recall touching on millions of food processors was issued in connection to concerns that the processors in question could expose individuals to a risk of having dangerous objects present in food made with the processor. 

The recall covers certain models of Cuisinart food processors. The covered models were on the market between 1996 and 2015. The recall is estimated to involve around 8 million food processors in the U.S. in total.

Asthma and the workplace

How common is asthma among American workers? A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report indicates that a fair number of the country’s workers have this condition.

In the report, researchers looked at the answers over 100,000 workers gave in a survey on asthma. These workers came from 21 different states. Based on the answers given, around one out of every 13 of these workers (7.7 percent) suffered from current asthma.

Avoiding distracted driving when out on the roads for the holidays

Over the next couple of weeks, many people will be out on the roads as part of their holiday travels. One would hope all such travels would be safe. There are many things that can impact how safe the roads are over the holidays. One is how attentive drivers are behind the wheel during their holiday travels. When such drivers succumb to distracted driving, they could pose a serious accident risk, exposing themselves and others to harm.

As a note, when distracted drivers cause harm out on the roads, many key legal issues can come up for the victims. When it comes to navigating these issues, victims of distracted driving accidents may want the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

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