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Earnings pressure and workplace safety

There are many pressures a business can face. Whatever pressures are before it, it is important for a company to not let these pressures cause its workplace to become less safe for its workers.

A recent study raises questions as to whether companies let their focus on safety slip when facing pressure to live up to earnings expectations.

Swimming pools and ‘crypto’ outbreak concerns

Swimming pools and water playgrounds can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. However, such recreational facilities are not without dangers. Sometimes, individuals suffer injuries or health problems in connection to time spent at a pool or water playground. When people suffer such harm themselves or their children suffer such harm, impactful compensation issues could arise, depending on the circumstances. As with other personal injury matters, having the right guidance can be important for victims or parents when addressing potential compensation matters related to swimming pool injuries.

Safety risks at swimming pools come in many forms. For one, there can be drowning risks. There could be accident or chemical exposure risks if the pool isn’t properly maintained. Also, there could be infection exposure risks.

Tactics for fighting drowsy driving vary in their safety

Avoiding drowsy driving when out on the roads is incredibly important. Drowsy driving can greatly increase a person’s chances of getting into a crash.

There are many different tactics for combating drowsy driving. Not all of these tactics are equal safety-wise. Some of them could even create risks of another type of safety danger: driver distractions.

Do brain injuries lead to increased impulsivity?

A brain injury can have considerable impacts on a person’s future. For one, it could impact what long-term medical needs they have. It could also affect their overall employability. Additionally, it could alter their brain function, which could have numerous ramifications.

A recent study raises questions about whether a brain injury might subject a person to problems with impulse control.

U.S. sees lots of child bike/skateboard/skate/scooter injuries

Many kids here in Connecticut ride bicycles, skateboards or similar devices during the warmer months of the year. There are some important issues for parents to keep in mind when it comes to these types of child recreational activities, including safety issues. Injuries can come out of accidents that occur while a kid is riding one of these devices.

A recent study underscores how common child ER visits related to injuries suffered while on a skateboard, a bicycle, skates or a scooter are. The study estimated that around 50 such visits occur every hour. Fractures are the most common type of injury among children going to the ER in connection to riding. Head injuries can also come out of riding accidents.

Industrial robot cybersecurity and worker safety

Good cybersecurity at companies can not only be important for data safety. It could also be critical for the physical safety of workers. This is because a company can have a variety of “connected” devices in its workplace that could pose injury risks to workers if they were hacked. Recent research points to industrial robots, such as robot arms, being among such equipment.

Researchers looked at the cybersecurity situation of one particular type of “connected” industrial robot arm. The researchers found the arm to have multiple vulnerabilities. They were able to use these vulnerabilities to engage in cyber attacks on the arm. Among the things that the researchers found could be done though hacking the device is change the coding in the device’s software.

Drugged driving a particularly big problem in Connecticut?

Is drugged driving more prevalent in Connecticut than it is in the U.S. in general? Recent data suggests that it might be.

The data regards drug use (legal and illegal) and traffic fatalities. According to a recent analysis of this data, here in Connecticut, when it came to drivers who died out on the roads in 2015 who were tested for impairing drugs (legal and illegal), 63 percent tested positive. This is significantly higher than the national rate, which was 43 percent.

New auto safety tech without the new car

Recent years have seen all sorts of developments when it comes to auto safety. So, there are a wide range of safety features a person may want the protection of when out on the roads. One option for getting the latest auto safety tech is to get a new vehicle.

However, this is an option some might not find too attractive. For one, new cars with the latest features can get quite expensive. Also, older cars can last pretty long these days, so some people may have plans to stick with their old car for a while.

Are drivers getting increasingly distracted by their smartphone camera?

Many things about their smartphone could pose a distracted driving temptation for a motorist. Among these is their phone’s camera. Smartphone cameras have made taking pictures and video incredibly easy and convenient. This might tempt a driver to try to take pictures or video while they are at the wheel.

A recently released results from a State Farm survey regarding distracted driving last year indicate that, here in the U.S., an increasing number of drivers may be succumbing to this temptation. The survey asked drivers who were also smartphone owners about various types of distracted driving.

The dangers ticks can pose to outdoor workers

With the state entering a warmer time of the year, one thing Connecticut workers may be seeing is more time working outdoors. There are some important things for workers to mindful of when it comes to outdoor work. This includes the unique safety concerns that can come up over working outdoors.

Among the things that could pose dangers to outdoor workers are the wildlife they come across during the course of their work. As a note, some of the more significant wildlife-related dangers outdoor workers can face come from some of nature’s smaller creatures.

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