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Thanks to camera, road rage accident is caught on tape

Imagine a world where every car accident is caught on tape because of a plethora of video cameras on the road and in the sky. Sounds like a Orwellian dystopia, right? Well, we're a long way off from that world. But there's no question that there are more and more cameras -- and more and more devices available to the public -- that allow us to capture important events, of which car accidents qualify.

What is undeniable is that having video evidence of a car accident is a good thing, if the goal is to make sure we can safely answer why and how the accident happened. That's what makes the following story so interesting: a dashboard camera caught a road rage accident on tape, and the video evidence enabled the police to turn a "he said, she said" story into a definitive story complete with criminal charges.

8 vehicles, 7 injured, 2 dead in massive truck accident

Interstate 95 played host to a tragic car accident that involved eight vehicles, injured seven people and left two people dead. The wreck involved two trucks and the collision happened early in the morning. Those who suffered injuries in the wreck appear to be okay -- their injuries were only minor in nature. The police are still investigating the fatal crash.

There are a few things to learn from this wreck, and the first is that multi-vehicle accidents like this can create a lot of confusion when it comes to liability and insurance. People who are injured or affected by these types of wrecks can benefit from having a legal representative on their side as they try to figure out who is responsible for what in the accident.

Serious injuries involved in car vs. motorcycle wreck in Hartford

A few weeks ago, an unfortunate wreck in Hartford, Connecticut involving a car and a motorcycle sent the motorcyclist to the intensive care unit. Police were investigating the crash scene and talked to witnesses about the wreck. It sounds as though the motorcyclist was performing a "wheely" as he drove down the street. The car was attempting to make a left turn, and it appears, based on photographs of the scene, that the two vehicles struck each other head on.

The motorcyclist wasn't wearing a helmet and he was flung from his vehicle. He suffered serious injuries in the wreck while the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. No charges have been filed and the police continue to investigate this accident.

Legal help is often necessary with a workers' comp claim

Imagine that you go into work one day, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening, and the whole business just seems to be humming along. Then, your supervisor requests that you go perform a task that you have completed hundreds of times before. "No problem," you think to yourself. Off you go to complete this task.

But on your way to that task, another employee that is performing a completely different task makes a mistake. He or she was operating a piece of machinery, and they botched some aspect of the operation. This sends materials and shrapnel tumbling on top of you, and you suffer terrible injuries on the job.

How property owners could fail to keep their patrons safe

An interesting article in Forbes talks about premises liability, and how businesses need to be prepared for how this area of law affects them. Premises liability, of course, is also very important to the people who enter the premises as a guest or patron. Any unsafe element to the premises that causes a responsible and cognizant patron harm can lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

So what are three things that the article suggests businesses owners and property owners do to mitigate their risk in a premises liability situation? The first is to "inspect." This can be in an official capacity, or just by being observant (i.e. noticing an unsafe step, or some torn carpeting). Inadequate inspections or being unobservant are things that can actually be referenced by an injured party in a premises liability lawsuit.

Truck driver caused an accident the day before fatal wreck

You would think that with all of the rules and regulations that surround the trucking industry, there would be fewer negligent and upsetting accidents that involve such large, powerful vehicles. And yet, time and again, we see horrific wrecks that kill people and change lives -- and these wrecks usually occur for the most ridiculous of reasons.

Take, for example, an accident that happened in June. A truck driver, who just the day before had been involved in an accident and was discovered to have been working for 45 hours straight in the build-up to that wreck, plowed into numerous vehicles on the highway as traffic was slowing down ahead of him. The crash killed six people and left several other people injured.

New distracted driving crackdown in Connecticut

The month of April was memorable for many Connecticut residents, given what was happening on our streets. The Connecticut Department of Transportation launched a new initiative called "U DRIVE. U TEXT. U PAY." to crack down on people who were driving their cars while using a cellphone. That initiative led to a bevy of distracted driving tickets being issued -- roughly 16,000. That amount of tickets is four times more than any other month on record for the past three years in Connecticut.

That's a lot of distracted drivers, and the figures don't get much better the further you dig. About 11.1 million instances of distracted driving occur every day in the state of Connecticut, and roughly 9.6 percent of all drivers were either texting or talking on a hands-free cellphone. In other words, if you're out on the road, it is highly likely that 1 in every 10 vehicles near you is being operated by a distracted driver.

101 years ago today, the first electric traffic signal was made

Someone (or, rather, something) is celebrating their 101st birthday today. It isn't one of the oldest people in the world, nor is it one of the most interesting inventions ever. But it is one of the most important things to ever be introduced to the world of motor vehicles and, more specifically, the world of traffic.

We are talking about the electric traffic signal, which was installed on this day in 1914 in the city of Cleveland. At the time, the electric traffic signal was arguably more important than it is today. During that time, cars were just gaining traction in society, and there were pedestrians, horse carts, motor vehicles and plenty of other people and objects out on the road with no discernible way of knowing how traffic was supposed to flow.

Only minor injuries involved in 7-car crash in Bridgeport

A dramatic car accident in Bridgeport, Connecticut involved seven vehicles and left photographers with some dramatic pictures to take -- and thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the wreck. The accident occurred at an intersection where a vehicle was stopped at a red light. Suddenly, another vehicle approached and struck the stopped vehicle from behind.

That vehicle went spinning and careening into other vehicles. Seven cars in total took damage from the wreck. Though two people suffered injuries in the accident, those injuries were minor in nature according to the story. All told, this is actually an incredible outcome for the wreck -- especially when you consider the photos that were taken from the scene. Just check out the source article for the harrowing images.

Slip and fall at McDonald's leads to lawsuit

Any patron of a restaurant, grocery store, or really any business at all has a reasonable expectation of safety. They shouldn't have to watch every step they take while they are trying to spend their money on goods or services. It is exactly because of this that companies that fail to protect their patrons and uphold safety statutes should be held accountable for their negligence.

One example of this is a man who tried to enter a McDonald's. He was trying to go inside the fast food restaurant when he slipped on a greasy spot. He fell and suffered numerous injuries that, to this day, still plague him. He suffers from neck pain, arm pain and back pain.

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