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Prom and drunk driving

One would hope that prom would be a safe experience for all Connecticut high schoolers who participate in it. Unfortunately, there are certain dangers that can potentially arise in relation to prom. Among these are dangers out on the roads.

These days, prom night can involve a fair amount of traveling for students. Some high schoolers end up choosing driving themselves as their prom travel method.

Work accidents can be deadly

Injuries are not the only thing accidents in workplaces can result in. Circumstances sometimes occur where workers lose their lives on the job. 

For both victims of workplace injuries and families of individuals killed in work accidents, compensation-related issues can be incredibly impactful. Experienced workers' comp attorneys can provide guidance and representation when it comes to compensation and legal issues related to on-the-job accidents. 

Research: in Connecticut, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. sees many distracted driving crashes

When a person is finished with work or school for the day, they may have many different things on their mind. They might also have many different people they want to get in touch with.

When a person is driving home from school or work though, it is very important for them to set these things aside for the time being and to focus their attention on driving, as to avoid being distracted behind the wheel. Their own safety and the safety of their fellow commuters may well depend on it.

Shovel type can have digging safety implications for workers

Some work tasks involve a fair amount of physical exertion. Special safety concerns can sometimes come up in connection to these tasks. For example, work tasks with high levels of physical exertion can sometimes pose musculoskeletal injury risks.

Take manual digging for example, a task that can come up in connection to a variety of different jobs, including electrical installation/repair jobs, construction jobs and landscaping jobs. There are circumstances under which this often physically demanding task could potentially lead to a worker suffering back injuries or muscle pain/strain.

Are drivers actually using lane-departure warning systems?

The choices drivers make on the roads can have numerous and significant implications. For example, such decisions can have major ramifications regarding the well-being of others. Poor driving decisions can create substantial traffic accident risks. When a driver's poor choice leads to a crash, there are various legal options individuals injured in the accident may have. 

Another thing driver choices can have impacts on is the effectiveness of auto safety technologies. How and whether a driver uses a safety technology their car has can have impacts on whether the technology is able to serve its intended safety purpose.

Injury risks regarding grill brushes

Grilling season is not too far off. Now, most people know that there are some safety issues that come up in connection to grills and that taking appropriate safety steps is important when using a grill. Such steps include proper fire and burn prevention steps.

What might be less apparent is that there are some safety concerns that can arise in relation to other tools connected to grilling, including tools used for the cleaning of grills. One such tool are wire grill brushes. 

Police putting special focus on distracted driving this month

Driving while texting or on the phone is no insignificant thing. A driver's decision to engage in these distractions behind the wheel can have huge repercussions. Distracted driving accidents are responsible for many injuries and have taken many lives.

Along with posing big safety dangers, texting and other handheld phone use while driving is also against the law here in Connecticut, punishable by fines. 

Riding lawn mower safety tips

In the upcoming spring and summer months, one task that will be reentering the chore list at homes here in Connecticut is mowing the lawn. Some households use a riding mower for this chore.

Riding lawn mowers can add considerable convenience when it comes to mowing the law. However, they can also present some safety issues. Accidents involving a riding lawn mower could cause the person operating it or others to suffer fall injuries, crushing injuries, major cuts or other injuries.

Are drivers more willing to be distracted in parking lots?

Survey results recently released by the National Safety Council point to the possibility that drivers may be more inclined to let themselves be distracted when driving in a parking lot than when driving on a road. 

In the survey, drivers were asked about their willingness to engage in distractions in the following categories when driving: TV/movies, video chat, laptop/tablet, internet, photo/video, social media, email, grooming, alerts/reminders, texting, digital music, smartwatch, GPS and phone calls. Then, for each category, the individuals who did not indicate an unwillingness to engage in the distraction were asked what sorts of driving circumstances they would be willing to do the distraction in (if it was permitted under law).

Getting ready for motorcycle-friendly weather

The weather warming up here in Connecticut can mean different things for different people. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it can be a very exciting thing, as it can mean more opportunities to go out onto the roads on their motorcycle.

As motorcyclists start coming onto the state’s roads in greater and greater numbers in response to rising temperatures, one would hope drivers in the state would take special care to not expose motorcyclists to danger. Unfortunately though, drivers don't always live up to this. Drivers sometimes, through inattention, impatience or carelessness, engage in conduct that puts motorcyclists at great risk of being hit, losing control of their motorcycle or coming off of their motorcycle.

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