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Where does liability fall when a car is self-driving?

Self-driving cars; what were once considered science fiction are now becoming reality thanks to companies like Ford, Volvo and Tesla. Although self-driving technology is expected to decrease traffic collisions, recent stories of self-driving car crashes are beginning to beg the question: Is this technology really any safer?

The most notable of these news stories is that of the 40-year-old man who died last month when his Tesla Model S collided with a truck in Florida. Because self-driving technology is so new, tragedies such as this are rare; but self-driving technology could be here to stay, meaning we could see more stories like this down the road.

How rude are Connecticut’s drivers?

One would hope people would act courteously out on the roads, given how stressful and busy of a place they can be. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to act rudely towards others when behind the wheel. One of the things that could impact a person’s likelihood of coming across rude drivers in their travels is where they drive, walk and bike. How common rudeness is among drivers appears to vary among the states.

In a recent survey, 2,500 drivers from across the country were asked various things touching on how courteously they acted on the roads. Their responses were used to rank the states on how polite their drivers are.

ACL injuries up among teen athletes

Concussions in teen sports have been a major safety focus in recent years. However, these are far from the only injuries teen athletes can be subjected to. A recent study indicates that another impactful sports injury that teens can suffer has been on the increase among young athletes lately.

The injury in question is the ACL tear. The study involved a review of insurance claims. In this review, researchers gauged what trends have been happening among teen athletes over the past 13 years when it comes to ACL tears by looking at the occurrence levels of ACL injury reconstruction operations among individuals ages 13 to 17. The study found such operations were up among individuals in this age group. It also found that the increase was particularly large among females in this age group.

What to look for after a child's head injury

It’s easy to understand why the summertime is nirvana to kids. Being able to go outside and play all day (literally and figuratively) can’t be a bad thing. Whether it is in the backyard or at a local park, there are a number of hazards that children and parents should be aware of.

Just as much as kids like to play, they invariably fall down and injure themselves. Cuts and scrapes can be easily identified and remedied, but other unseen injuries, such as concussions cannot be ignored dismissed out of hand.

First aid training and the workplace

When a worker suffers a health or safety emergency while at work, various things can be incredibly impactful. This includes how well-trained their coworkers are when it comes to first aid and other aspects of emergency response. Proper emergency response in a workplace could put an employee who suffers an emergency in a much better situation than they otherwise would have been in by the time they are able to get care and treatment from medical professionals.

So, what level of emergency response training the workers at a given business have can be of great significance. A recent survey, however, indicates that many U.S. workers lack such training.

Report: Many of Connecticut’s rural roads in subpar condition

Among the things it can be critical for a driver to take into account when driving are any special safety issues related to the type of road they are traveling on. One type of road that can raise some special safety concerns are rural roads. It appears this may particularly be the case here in Connecticut. Data on traffic fatality rates in the state puts the fatality rate for the state’s rural roads about twice as high as the rate for the state’s other roads.

What do you think are some of the most important safety-related things to keep in mind when driving out on the state’s rural roads?

New rules related to toxic chemicals issued by the EPA

Among the things that can have significant health implications for a person are what chemicals are in the products they use. This doesn’t just include the products they use at home. It also includes the products they use at work and when out and about.

Products vary greatly in the chemicals they contain. Some chemicals can greatly harm a person’s health when a person is exposed to too high of amounts of them or exposed to them over too long of a period of time. Personal injury attorneys can help individuals who suffered a harmful chemical exposure as a result of product they used at home, at work or somewhere else with investigating what avenues for taking legal action in relation to the harm they suffered may be available to them.

3D printing in the workplace and worker safety

Technology can play a very big role in the workplace. Sometimes, companies will bring new technologies into their workplace to try to increase efficiency and generate other business benefits. When businesses do this, it is very important for them to pay appropriate attention to any safety issues raised by the technology. Sometimes, new technological devices can present some unique safety risks. How companies address such risks can have major impacts on the well-being of their workers.

When a worker suffers an accident or health problems in connection to a new technology that was brought into their workplace, there are many key legal matters that could arise for them. This might not just include matters related to workers’ comp, but also matters involving other types of claims, such as product liability claims. Whatever specific legal matters harm they suffered at work has given rise to, a hurt Connecticut worker may want a skilled lawyer’s help with standing up for their rights in the matters.

The dangers of phone GPS use while driving

When a person is driving to a place they’ve never been before, figuring out how to get there can be a big concern. However, it can be important for a driver to not let their efforts to address this concern lead to them increasing the danger of their drive.

Certain things could cause a driver’s efforts to get directions to lead to unsafe driving. One is if they use their phone’s GPS functions to look up directions or where they are while driving. Like other types of behind-the-wheel cellphone use, phone GPS use while driving can create traffic crash risks by distracting a driver.

Product injury reports to the CPSC up in first part of 2017

Recent data suggests that, lately, there has been an increase in reports of people running into safety problems with the products they use.

The statistics regard reports of product incidents and injuries to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the first quarter of 2017. The data indicates that that quarter saw a 379 percent increase in product incidents reported to the agency. When it came to product injuries, there was a 141 percent increase in reports to the agency. Meanwhile, product recalls were down in the quarter.

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