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The huge storm is reportedly nigh; steer clear and stay safe

Well, it’s going to be interesting.

In fact, the U.S. National Weather Service states that it could be “life-threatening” and “historic.”

Time of course will tell, and we will perhaps be bringing you further material updates later in the week if the incoming storm that has currently grabbed the nation’s attention turns out to pack anything near the wallop that many forecasters are predicting.

City and state officials aren’t often ready purveyors of hyperbole when it comes to passing along information concerning the weather. They know that, if their predictions ultimately pan out as unwarranted and overdramatic, they will be subjected to withering criticism and -- potentially -- backlash at the polls.

When third-party negligence brings harm: seeking a legal remedy

We live in a fast and complex world.

Ample evidence of that for Connecticut residents and other persons across the country is all around us. We scurry back and forth between home and the workplace. Many of us seem tied down 24/7 to our smartphones. We email, we hit the gym, and we drive in vehicles that are increasingly featuring next-generation technologies.

In short, many of us are always preoccupied and on the go, busily moving from one task or opportunity to the next, adjusting at the same time to new product and life-choice developments.

Connecticut, Northeast hammered by weekend ice storm

We’re not far into the new year, and we’ve already got a catchy title to describe current events.

“Icezilla” is the term offered up by a Connecticut mayor to adequately capture the adverse winter weather and driving conditions that prevailed throughout much of the northeastern United States over this past weekend.

In tweeting about the weather, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was justifiably lamenting the slick and dangerous roadways that challenged drivers in Connecticut and across the Northeast, especially on Sunday.

As noted in a CNN report, “freezing rain coated Connecticut” and other states in the region, bringing reports of hundreds of motor vehicle crashes.

NHTSA spotlight: an agency under a cloud of criticism

The gist of what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is centrally about and what its employees focus on in their daily activities is certainly evident in the agency's title.

Roadway safety across the country is the operative mantra guiding the NHTSA's work, with the agency being tasked by the U.S. Department of Transportation to engage in broad-based efforts that minimize dangers and promote positive outcomes for the nation's drivers.

That is indeed a big task, with the NHTSA widely engaged in monitoring, research, oversight and enforcement activities.

Dire winter driving conditions catalysts in immense roadway pileup

A chain crash that occurred last Friday on a national roadway will likely be talked about for decades. Although the massive accident did not occur in Connecticut, its details are certainly relevant nationally, and we pass along material information regarding the pileup in today’s post.

An initial reason for doing so is this: The accident could easily have occurred in Connecticut or any other state that features unpredictable and dangerous winter driving conditions this time of year.

In a negative sense, it was a perfect storm of factors that coalesced to produce a flatly gargantuan-sized chain collision of cars and trucks on a section of I-94 in Michigan last Friday morning.

Speed kills, Part 2: Driving too fast takes far too many lives

When it comes to a “nemesis-on-the-roadway” list, nothing quite compares with speed.

Excessive speed, that is. Drivers with pedals to the metal. Passenger cars and trucks weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off other drivers and accelerating suddenly to rocket through traffic.

Our immediately preceding blog post noted the dismal statistic that speed-related crashes across the country in a recent year took the lives of about 28 people a day, on average (please see our entry dated January 5).

Most assuredly, speed kills on Connecticut, national roadways

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit national group with a stated goal of conducting research that is “dedicated to reducing the losses … from crashes on the nation’s roads.”

The IIHS website contains a question-answer section covering a wide variety of safety-related issues, with one specific topic focus being the close nexus between speeding and vehicle crashes.

Here’s a central and unambiguous finding from the group’s research into that area: Speed kills.

Teens and crashes: fledgling driving skills coupled with old cars

As if there’s not already enough to worry about concerning teen drivers.

Most adult drivers -- and certainly parents -- likely feel some instant sympathy for and rapport with teen motorists. After all, it shouldn’t take too much mental prodding for an older driver to harken back with acute clarity to those bygone days when he or she was also first learning to drive.

Here’s a central point regarding newly licensed motorists: It takes some time for neophytes to learn how to drive -- really drive -- with refined skill and judgment. En route to that happy place are, for most drivers, quite a few roadway challenges to be encountered, safely dealt with and learned from.

Topical look: baby boomers and motorcycle accidents

There is, indeed, a way to make a motorcycle less dangerous, says an-ex government safety official.

“[P]ut four wheels and a body on it,” he says.

It’s hardly a well-guarded secret that motorcycles are a comparatively dangerous conveyance. Notwithstanding that, their appeal is instant and lifelong for legions of adherents nationally, including in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that many of those diehard bike lovers are baby boomers who have resumed their love affair with two wheels after having ceased riding for decades.

Premises liability universe: wide and highly varied

Certainly one of the more interesting -- and often misunderstood -- areas of law pertains to the universe of premises liability.

An initial point to note about this legal sphere, which becomes quickly apparent from even a cursory look at the field, is that the liability universe is exceedingly wide and encompasses many actors.

Some of our readers in Connecticut and elsewhere might reasonably think of private dwellings and the injuries that can occur to guests and visitors on the private property of homeowners.

It is certainly logical to think of home-related accidents and injuries in the first instance, but it should also be noted that premises liability concerns can arise in environments and at locations far removed from private dwellings.

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