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Defending more dangerous than playing offense in basketball?

Generally, team sports involve both offense and defense. Might a participant in a sport be more at risk for injury during one of these activities than the other? A recent study indicates that, in basketball at least, they may very well be.

The study points to the possibility that suffering an injury in basketball may be more likely when playing defense than when playing offense.

Should GDL systems be expanded to cover drivers 18-20?

States vary greatly in their graduated drivers’ license systems for young drivers and what particular restrictions they put on such drivers. One thing most such systems and rules have in common though is that they typically only apply to drivers under 18. For example, here in Connecticut, the special restrictions on young drivers no longer apply to a driver once they turn 18, and individuals over 18 who wish to apply for a drivers’ license don’t have as stringent of requirements to meet to be eligible for a license as younger drivers do.

This raises a question: Is 18 actually a good cutoff point for these systems? A recent study suggests that it might not be. The study is from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The study found that drivers 18-20 were actually connected to a higher number of fatal crashes than younger drivers. It also found that older teen drivers saw less of a decline in such accidents over a 10-year period than younger teen drivers.

How safe are obstacle course runs?

It is important for all organizations that run big events to take appropriate steps to keep the events safe for participants. This includes organizations that host runs.

One type of run that has become quite popular in recent years are obstacle course runs. More than 4.5 million Americans were participants in this type of event in 2015 alone. These runs vary greatly, both in their length and the obstacles they contain.

Indium-tin oxide: a danger to manufacturing workers?

Among the things manufacturing work can involve is working with many different materials. What types of materials they work with can have major implications for a factory worker. This includes what safety hazards they end up facing on the job. One reason for this is that certain materials contain substances that can cause considerable harm to a person when they are exposed to them without adequate protection.

Exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace could leave a person with an occupational disease. Such diseases can vary greatly in their impacts. Some have impacts that are fairly minor in nature, while others could majorly change, or even endanger, a worker’s life. For some diseases, the impacts show relatively quickly. For others, they can take years to develop. Whatever particular type of occupational disease a worker has and whatever the nature and timeframe of its effects, getting the compensation they deserve in relation to the illness can be critical for the affected worker.

Many legal drugs can cause problems behind the wheel

There are all kinds of legal drugs out there, from prescription ones to over-the-counter ones. It is not uncommon for a person to be on at least one type of medicaction. Medications can have various side effects. Some can impair a person’s driving. It is important for drivers to remember that just because a drug that impairs driving is legal doesn’t make it any less dangerous to drive while on.

The list of legal drugs that could cause problems behind the wheel includes antianxiety drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, muscle relaxants, pain relievers and stimulants.

Self-guesses on one’s intoxication level can be quite off

A person might think they are pretty good at gauging how intoxicated they are. However, a variety of different things could impact how accurate such self-assessments in fact are when one has been consuming alcohol. For one, a recent United Kingdom study suggests that, when out drinking, a person’s views on their own intoxication might be influenced by the behavior of those around them.

In the study, researchers set up camp near some large drinking establishments and asked individuals who had been drinking various questions and tested their blood alcohol content. They then looked at how things like the participants’ views on their intoxication level compared to their actual blood alcohol level.

The family washing machine: an explosion risk?

Defects in appliances vary greatly in their effects. Some have very subtle negative effects. Others can lead to malfunctions or product failures that are incredibly dramatic in fashion. Some can even result in explosions.

It appears that explosive malfunctions may be occurring with certain washing machines. Media reports have surfaced regarding explosions purportedly involving washing machines made by Samsung Electronics. Also, a lawsuit has been brought here in the U.S. against the company in connection to allegations of exploding washing machines.

How common are work injuries?

An assumption some workers might make is that getting hurt in the workplace is something that just happens to other people. They might think that, as long as they are conscientious about safety, they don’t have to worry at all about work injuries. Workers acting safely in the workplace is certainly important. However, work injuries can come about in numerous ways and can come out of the actions of a wide range of different parties. So, they can sometimes strike even the safest of workers.

Also, workplace injuries are not affecting just a handful of employees in the nation. Sadly, such events are rather common here in America. Nationwide, millions of workers a year are hurt on the job. According to some estimates, a U.S. workplace injury occurs, on average, once every seven seconds.

When things go wrong when using exercise equipment

Exercise equipment is aimed at helping people improve their health and fitness. However, when things go wrong with such equipment, a person could end up being physically harmed rather than helped.

Quite a few people are injured in exercise equipment accidents here in America. Such incidents can happen both at home and at fitness facilities. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that exercise equipment is behind around 460,000 emergency-room-treated injuries a year.

Is Pokémon Go making the roads less safe?

Smartphones have revolutionized all manner of things. This includes how we play games. Thanks to mobile gaming, as long as a person has their smartphone with them, they can play video games wherever they are.

It is important for individuals to remember that just because they can do a given activity anywhere, doesn’t mean that they should. There are some places where gaming has no place. One of these is behind the wheel. Playing a mobile game when driving distracts a driver, making them a risk to all the vehicles and pedestrians around them.

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