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Workplace shoulder pain: Not to be brushed off

Sometimes, at work, a worker will experience pain in their shoulder. They may be tempted to just try to shrug it off as no big deal and proceed as normal.

However, such pain could be a sign of a significant shoulder injury. There are many different ways a person could suffer a shoulder injury at work, such as through lifting incidents, awkward work positions or struck-by-object accidents. Also, shoulder injuries can strike individuals in all different kinds of work, from office workers to industrial workers. In 2012, there were over 68,000 instances in which shoulder injuries resulted in workers having to miss work.

Can technology help significantly cut down rear-end collisions?

Many substantial injuries can come out of rear-end collisions, such as major neck injuries. Thus, rear-end accident avoidance is important out on Connecticut's roads.

Many things can help reduce the likelihood of rear-end crashes. One is drivers being mindful of their speed and how it can affect their reaction time. Another is drivers paying attention when at wheel, and not letting themselves be distracted by things like their smartphone.

What to avoid when around an aggressive driver

There are certain circumstances that could cause a driver to seriously fear for their safety (and even their life) out on the road. One such situation is encountering an aggressive driver.

Aggressive drivers can end up causing very serious crashes. Aggressive driving is a major contributor to fatal traffic accidents in the United States. 

Can dust pose dangers at manufacturing plants?

When it comes to potential safety hazards at manufacturing plants, a person’s focus may be drawn to large objects, like the massive pieces of equipment that can be at such plants. However, it is important to not ignore the dangers small things can pose in these work environments, One small-in-size thing that can create some big risks for workers at manufacturing plants is dust.

Dust may seem innocuous enough, but dust can be combustible. When combustible dust is allowed to build up at a manufacturing plant and is exposed to an ignition source, explosions could result. There are a wide range of different types of substances combustible dust can form from. Thus, combustible dust risks can arise at all different sorts of manufacturing plants.

Keep safe when keeping warm: Tips for safe space heater placement

This time of year, keeping warm can be challenging here in Connecticut. There are a variety of things the state's residents use to try to beat the cold in winter.

For one, some individuals use space heaters to help keep their house warm. Now, while space heaters can be helpful in this regard, they can also pose serious fire and burn risks when not used safely. Thus, it is very important for individuals to pay close attention to safety when bringing a space heater into the home to fight the cold. This includes taking care to pick a safe place to put the space heater.

Record number of recalled automobiles in 2015

It appears that 2015 was a year of many auto recalls here in America. According to federal data, in the United States, there were 51.26 million vehicles recalled in 2015. The federal government has auto recall data going back to 1966. No year over that time had as many auto recalls as the 2015 total.

The year with the closest total to 2015's was 2014. That year, there were 50.99 million recalled vehicles. None of the other years there is federal data for come even close to the auto recall totals of 2014 and 2015. Only two other years since 1966 even topped 30 million recalled vehicles.

Watch your speed in foggy weather

Proving that an accident was caused by a driver going at unsafe speeds can have its challenges. For one, establishing how fast a driver was going at the time of an accident can pose difficulties. Also, what speed would be considered unsafe at a given moment in part depends on conditions. Thus, evidence regarding conditions at the time of the accident can be very impactful in cases involving speed-related auto crashes. 

Thus, when a person wants to pursue legal action in relation to an accident they were hurt in that they believe was caused by a driver going at an unsafe speed, having skilled, knowledgeable and experienced legal representation can be important. Skilled attorneys can help individuals with things such as investigations into road and weather conditions at the time of an auto accident and a given driver's speed and actions. 

Could helmetless drills improve football player safety?

In any sort of school sport, what sorts of drills a school has the participating athletes do during practices can have significant safety effects. It could impact how likely the athletes are to suffer injuries in practice. It could also influence the chances of the athletes getting hurt in games, as what happens in practice can influence an athlete's in-game conduct.

Thus, at all competition levels, it is important for schools, their sports coaches and their sports programs to take appropriate measures to ensure team practices are done in a way that best protects athlete safety. Whether practices were done in a proper and safe way are among the things skilled personal injury attorneys can help victims and their families investigate after school sports injuries occur.

What can employers do to protect outdoor workers in winter?

Some jobs require workers to work outdoors. Exposure to certain weather conditions could potentially pose health risks to outdoor workers. Thus, what season it is can significantly impact what sorts of safety concerns are present regarding such workers.

We are currently in winter, a season that, here in Connecticut, can result in outdoor workers facing very cold conditions. Consequently, without proper protections, outdoor workers in the state who are out doing their job during the winter could end up experiencing cold stress. Cold stress can cause illnesses/injuries such as chilblains, frostbite, hypothermia or trench foot.

Night shift workers and drowsy driving

Many things can impact how likely a driver is to become drowsy when behind the wheel. One is what sort of job they have. For example, a recent study indicates that night shift workers who drive after their shift may be particularly prone to drowsy driving.

The study's participants were a small group of individuals who worked night shifts. In the study, the individuals did two driving sessions on a closed track.

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