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Legal help is very important when workers' comp is involved

There are so many workers that deal with injuries or accidents every year at their job. Some of them make it out with relatively minor injuries. Others suffer far more serious harm. And others still suffer the most unfortunate of outcomes: a fatal accident. So imagine that you go to work one day and are victimized by a terrible accident that changes your life forever. What do you do? How can you protect your interests in this situation?

It's important to first realize that there's a very good chance that you have some sort of workers' compensation insurance working in your favor. However, even though this insurance is there to help you out int he wake of an unfortunate accident, there can still be some hurdles to clear and hoops to pass through.

Many people suffer injuries after train and truck collide

A tragic accident in California has made the national headlines after many people were injured in a collision between a train and a truck. The wreck caused the truck to burst into flames, and 28 people were injured in the accident, four of which suffered injuries that were serious enough to warrant a label of "critical condition."

If you can believe it, the driver of the truck actually survived the wreck and even managed to flee the scene of the wreck. His time on the lam was brief, though. He was captured about a mile from the accident scene.

Weather may have played role in fatal car accident

A tragic car accident begat another car accident in New York, leading to two people from Connecticut losing their lives. The first wreck involved two vehicles on a highway. There was plenty of bad weather -- an all too typical sight this winter -- which may have played a factor in the wreck. As two of the people from that wreck were standing outside their vehicle, another vehicle lost control and plowed into them at the crash scene. They did not survive the impact.

The person driving the vehicle that crashed into the original wreck scene had to be transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Will lawmakers bolster texting while driving laws in Connecticut?

We talked about distracted driving and texting while driving in our last post, and today we will continue that discussion by looking at the rules that govern texting while driving in Connecticut, and what may be their future. Here in Connecticut, there is a tiered system for fines when you are found to be texting while driving. Your first text results in a $150 fine. Your second offense yields a $300 fine. Every offense after that is $500.

Those are some significant fines, but they don't stop people from texting while driving and, frankly, the offenses could (and probably should) be more punitive than that. Remember that a little more than 3,300 people died in distracted driving accidents each year in 2011 and 2012.

On distracted driving, and why cellphones are a major issue

When you hear the phrase "distracted driving," it is likely that your mind immediately pictures someone who is using their cellphone behind the wheel of the car. Using your cellphone while driving certainly qualifies as distracted driving, but it isn't the only form of distracted driving. Fiddling with the radio; looking in the mirror to mess with your hair; having a discussion with someone in the backseat; using a GPS device; eating some fast food; all of these things qualify as distracted driving, and there are other forms of distracted driving as well.

Distracted driving is obviously a very dangerous behavior that people need to avoid. But how much of an impact does it have? What's the scope of this dangerous behavior? Here are some facts and figures that show just how dangerous distracted driving really is:

Greasy floor leads to slip and fall lawsuit

In our last post, we talked about premises liability and what factors and elements are common in these lawsuits. We'd like to expand on that post today and give you a real world example of how a dangerous premises can lead to serious injuries and how those injuries (and that dangerous condition) can lead to a lawsuit.

A woman went to the Cheesecake Factory and was walking around the premises when she approached a greasy spot on the floor. She slipped and fell as a result of stepping on the slick surface, and she suffered a number of injuries. She filed a lawsuit against the Cheesecake Factory for their failure to maintain a safe premises.

What are some factors in premises liability lawsuits?

Imagine you are walking into your friend's apartment complex, and as you walk up the stairs in a common area, you slip on a step that has some ratty carpet that has torn away. In addition, the step was shaky in the first place. This is a clear danger posed to anyone and everyone who walks up that staircase -- and yet, the landlord or the building manager failed to do anything about it.

So you slip and fall, and in the process, you suffer some pretty serious injuries that will derail your life for the next few months. Should you sue the appropriate party? What can you do in this situation?

Get legal help in the wake of a truck accident

Imagine that you are driving down the freeway when you pull up alongside a large semi truck. No matter how many times any of us drive past one, there will always be that little voice in our head that tells us to be careful right now. As you drive alongside the truck, the truck driver suddenly decides to change lanes -- into your lane. The truck hits your vehicle and an accident occurs.

This is just one way that a truck accident can occur. There are so many factors that can play into a truck accident that either makes the driver liable or the truck company liable for the wreck.

Car safety hailed for drop in driver death rate

Have you ever thought about the amazing technological advancements we have made in cars over the years? Think back to the Model T, that big block of metal and (practically) nothing else, and how dangerous it truly was, given our current standards. As the decades passed, we have made some truly incredible advancements in the field of car safety that have either prolonged lives by preventing serious injuries to people, or saving their lives altogether.

The seatbelt. The airbag. Better brake pads. Airbags along the sides of vehicles. Auto-braking features. Rearview cameras. All of these things have made driving easier for people and, in turn, they have prolonged or protected our lives. These are things to truly marvel at.

Workers' comp research group probes injury predictors, outcomes

Have you ever heard the word "comorbid?"

You're probably a member of a small select group if you can affirmatively answer that question, given that it is a technical term relevant to the medical universe.

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