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Will this Memorial Day weekend see a lot of traffic fatalities?

This upcoming weekend is one which involves a fair amount of traveling for many here in Connecticut and in the rest of the nation: Memorial Day weekend. For those who will be taking to the roads as part of such travels, one thing it is very important to not forget to put a big focus on in the midst of all the details holiday travel can involve is safe driving.

During times when there is a lot of long-distance travel, like Memorial Day weekend, certain things can come up that raise special traffic safety concerns, such as the roads being particularly packed, driving conditions being particularly stressful and many motorists driving through areas they may not be terribly familiar with. In this sort of environment, driving mistakes and carelessness (such as speeding, failing to yield properly, driving while impaired, driving while distracted or driving while fatigued) can be incredibly costly.

How safe are public pools?

Among the activities many families do, particularly during the summer, is go to a public pool. Given this, parents might find the results of a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study quite troubling.

Given that many users of public pools are children, one would hope such pools would be safe. Unfortunately, the CDC study raises the possibility that many such pools may be falling short when it comes to safety.

Will new OSHA rule improve workplace safety?

Among the requirements federal law places on certain employers are recordkeeping requirements. This includes recordkeeping regarding workplace injuries and illnesses. It is estimated that, currently, 1.3 million U.S. workplaces are subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration injury/illness tracking requirements. This is around one out of every six workplaces in the country.

A final rule recently issued by OSHA will make it so some companies will have an added requirement that they must send a report/summary of the injuries/illnesses they have tracked to OSHA, with the idea that OSHA will then make the reported injury/illness data public.

Long-term sleep issues and TBI

What trends a person is experiencing regarding sleep and what kinds of sleep issues a person is facing can be impacted by a range of things. A recent study points to whether a person has suffered a traumatic brain injury being among these things.

In this small study (it involved less than 100 subjects), a group of individuals who had suffered TBIs was compared with a group of individuals without such injuries when it comes to sleep. Specifically, various methods for tracking sleep and daytime-sleepiness, including tests and self-reporting, were used in relation to the individuals for 18 months, and the results of the two groups were then compared.

Many things can impact young worker safety

There are all sorts of things a young worker can experience as they are entering and spending their first few years in the workforce. One thing one would hope such workers wouldn't end up experiencing is workplace injuries. Unfortunately, federal statistics indicate that young workers have a higher workplace injury likelihood than other workers.

The inexperience young workers can have and other factors related to just recently coming into the workforce can raise some special safety issues when it comes to these workers. It is important for employers who hire young workers to be aware of these special issues and to take measures to keep their workplace safe for young workers.

Truck swerves over center line, crashes into another truck

An accident in Waterbury, Connecticut involving two tractor-trailers left the two drivers injured and needing hospitalization. The crash occurred on Route 8 at 4 a.m. on April 20, when one of the tractor-trailers suddenly swerved over the center line and clipped an oncoming tractor-trailer. Both vehicles ended up rolling over on their sides, and the police later had to deal with a fuel spill as a result of the crash. It is unclear at this time why the tractor-trailer swerved over the center line and into oncoming traffic.

Given some of the factors involved, though, we can speculate as to what caused this wreck -- or at least speculate on how these types of circumstances often involve a certain type of truck driver.

Prom and drunk driving

One would hope that prom would be a safe experience for all Connecticut high schoolers who participate in it. Unfortunately, there are certain dangers that can potentially arise in relation to prom. Among these are dangers out on the roads.

These days, prom night can involve a fair amount of traveling for students. Some high schoolers end up choosing driving themselves as their prom travel method.

Work accidents can be deadly

Injuries are not the only thing accidents in workplaces can result in. Circumstances sometimes occur where workers lose their lives on the job. 

For both victims of workplace injuries and families of individuals killed in work accidents, compensation-related issues can be incredibly impactful. Experienced workers' comp attorneys can provide guidance and representation when it comes to compensation and legal issues related to on-the-job accidents. 

Research: in Connecticut, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. sees many distracted driving crashes

When a person is finished with work or school for the day, they may have many different things on their mind. They might also have many different people they want to get in touch with.

When a person is driving home from school or work though, it is very important for them to set these things aside for the time being and to focus their attention on driving, as to avoid being distracted behind the wheel. Their own safety and the safety of their fellow commuters may well depend on it.

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