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What can welding put into the air?

Among the health hazards that sometimes arise for workers are inhalation risks. Certain substances, when inhaled, can cause significant harm to a worker’s system. This harm can sometimes have permanent or even fatal consequences for a worker.

Now, there are various challenges that could arise for a worker who has suffered harm from having inhaled substances put into the air by a work activity when it comes to building their case for workers’ compensation. This could include difficulties with: showing the hazardous substance inhalation happened at work, establishing proof that the inhalation caused one’s injuries and determining the extent of the harm the inhalation caused. Experienced Connecticut workers’ compensation lawyers can give victims of workplace hazardous substance inhalation injuries guidance on addressing such challenges and assist them in their quest to get fair workers’ compensation benefits.

Should active injury mitigation tech be required on table saws?

Accidents involving tools can cause some serious losses for a person. In some instances, a loss of a body part through amputation is among these losses.

One type of tool-related accident that is responsible for quite a few amputations here in the U.S. are accidents involving table saws. According to federal estimates, around 4,000 amputations a year occur in relation to incidents involving such saws. As a note, table saw accidents are also behind tens of thousands of non-amputation injuries a year, according to federal data.

Damages that may be awarded in wrongful death claims

The death of a loved one can turn a person's life upside down. Whether the passing was sudden or expected, the loss can have a profound impact on the friends and family members of the decedent. This impact can be felt emotionally, physically and even financially.

While money certainly cannot truly compensate loved ones for the damages suffered, it can help Connecticut residents recover and cope with the loss. In fact, compensation for wrongful death claims allows for both economic and noneconomic damages.

When it comes to liability, is it all or nothing?

Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident knows that one of the first things people do in the aftermath is to start pointing fingers. People often say things like, "It wasn't my fault! The other person ran a red light!" or, "The other driver was speeding, which is the only reason we crashed."

However, the truth is that liability can be more complicated than we think. Oftentimes, there are multiple factors in place that contributed to an accident, but we are led to believe that playing any role in an accident will eliminate the compensation that may be available. But this is not true. Many states, including Connecticut, use comparative negligence laws that allow people to recover damages even if they are partially to blame for an accident.

Research indicates aggressive driving very common

In our post earlier this week, we discussed one of the sources of frustration drivers can encounter: congestion on the interstate. In that post, we also touched on how important it is for drivers to avoid turning to aggressive driving when they encounter interstate congestion.

How good are drivers, generally, at avoiding responding to frustrating traffic situations and events in an angry or aggressive manner? Recent AAA research points to drivers being rather bad at this; according to the research, angry/aggressive conduct behind the wheel is something a large majority of drivers engage in.

How congested are Connecticut’s interstates?

Congestion on an interstate can cause considerable travel delays and a great amount of annoyance for drivers. So, one of the things drivers will generally hope for when they go onto the interstate is that they won’t encounter any congestion. A recent report indicates that Connecticut drivers may often be disappointed when it comes to this hope; it points to Connecticut interstates being among America’s most congested.

The report, which ranked the states on various things related to their urban interstate system, put Connecticut in the top ten for most congested urban interstates. Specifically, it ranked Connecticut as having the eighth most congested urban interstate system in the nation.

Amusement park rides and injury risks

Special safety concerns can arise during the summer. This includes safety concerns regarding amusement parks.

Amusement parks can be a great source of fun and entertainment during the summer. However, there are things at amusement parks that injury risks can arise in relation to. One of these are amusement park rides.

Stress can have safety implications in the workplace

Stress can have big impacts in many different environments. One of these is the workplace. How stressed workers are is among the things that can impact safety in a workplace. When workers are experiencing a high amount of stress (whether the stress be from work or other sources) and are struggling with coping with it, it could create a potential for workplace injuries to occur. For one, it could cause workers to be distracted, upping the chances of errors or oversights being made that could cause accidents. Also, high stress among the workers at a workplace could create risks of incidents of workplace violence happening.

When a person suffers injuries at work as a result of an accident or workplace violence incident that had stress as a contributor, among the matters it can be important for them to give proper attention to is workers’-comp-related matters. What happens with such matters can have major impacts on an injured worker's financial situation following a harmful workplace incident. Skilled workers’ comp attorneys can provide hurt workers with representation in complex and impactful workers’ comp matters.

Connecticut metro areas ranked near the bottom for driver safety

The harms that auto accidents can cause are considerable and numerous, including: physical harm, mental health harm, property damage, financial harm, emotional harm, harm to families and societal harm. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that drivers in some major Connecticut metro areas have a higher likelihood of experiencing crashes than many other American drivers.

The report was by Allstate Insurance Company. The report ranked 200 U.S. cities in regards to driver safety. The cities in the report are the country’s largest. In determining the ranks, Allstate looked at data from its customers regarding crash frequency. This is the 12th year the company has done such a report.

Are undergraduate students mixing drowsy and distracted driving?

Distracted driving, such as using a phone when at the wheel, pulls a driver’s attention away from driving safely and responsibly. This can lead the driver to missteps that cause accidents.

Crashes can also come out of a driver being sleepy behind the wheel. When a person is tired, their ability to perform certain tasks in a safe and proper manner, including driving-related tasks, can go down considerably. This is because a person’s level of drowsiness can impact things like their ability to focus, their reaction time and their likelihood of nodding off.

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