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Icy conditions contributed to slip and fall incident

Slip and fall incidents may seem like something harmless, but in fact, these cases can absolutely devastate the lives of people who are unfortunate enough to suffer them. Slip and falls can deal serious injuries -- even permanent injuries that change a person's life forever. Businesses, homeowners, landlords and other people in charge of maintaining a safe premises have this duty for a reason, and if they fail to uphold their duty, they could be held liable for any slip and falls on their premises.

Take a case from three years ago. A man was outside of a Panera Bread and trying to enter the restaurant when he slipped on a thin layer of ice outside of the Panera Bread location.

The many failings of the workers' compensation system

In a post that we wrote a few weeks back, we talked about the need for legal help when a workers' compensation filing is being considered. There are many reasons for this, and you can read the whole post for yourself to learn some of these reasons. But how about a real world example to show why legal help is a necessity when applying for workers' comp or challenging the workers' comp system?

A new report was released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently and it outlines the negative aspects of the workers' comp system. First off, what the report found is that workers' comp accounted for 21 percent of an injured workers medical costs and lost wages. So what happened to the other 79 percent of costs?

Change clothes? Do homework? Teens don't just text while driving

When it comes to teenagers and distracted driving, what's the first thing you think of? Probably cellphone use while driving, or at the very least texting while driving. While this isn't necessarily wrong -- a survey that we will reference throughout the post found that 40 percent of teen respondents said they had texted while driving before, which is a far lower rate than other recent studies -- there are some other bizarre behaviors behind the wheel that cause teen drivers to be distracted.

According to the study 27 percent of responding teenagers said that they often change clothes while driving. No, that is not a misprint. More than a quarter of teens admitted that they once took off and put on clothes while driving a motor vehicle. Now granted this includes taking off your shoes -- but it is still an alarmingly high rate for such an obscure driving behavior.

3 vehicles involved in fatal chain reaction crash

A crash in Connecticut recently triggered a chain reaction that resulted in one person being killed. The wreck started when a 51-year-old man collided into the vehicle being driven by a 65-year-old man. The 65-year-old died in the accident, but his car ended up crashing into another vehicle being driven by a 51-year-old woman.

Apparently there was some traffic during the time when the accident happened, which raises the question as to whether the initial car was following too closely to the 65-year-old's vehicle. Whether that is true or not will come out in the coming investigation, but at the moment, no charges have been filed and there is no indication about who is at fault in the wreck.

How many fatal car accidents happen in Connecticut each year?

Connecticut it a very small state, but that doesn't mean it is immune to the small problems of bigger states. And when it comes to road safety, there are few places on Earth that are immune to the trails of traveling on the road. So what are the chances of getting into a fatal motor vehicle accident in Connecticut? And how many of these crashes happen every year?

Obviously the number of car crashes that happen in any given state varies from year to year. But let's take the 2013 data as an example. In that year in Connecticut, there were 255 fatal motor vehicle accidents which resulted in 276 fatalities. That may sound bad, but it is actually an astonishing good safety record.

CPVC piping is causing major problems

Many Stamford residents have heard of PVC piping before, but they may not be familiar with CPVC piping. CPVC piping has become a bit of a controversial product in the construction and plumbing industry because it appears to have a relatively short life span, and it can lead to some serious dangers in homes or on the premises of buildings.

CPVC pipes are plastic and have glued joints. These pipes have been used in plenty of homes and buildings already, and plumbers are warning people to investigate your home and your piping so that you are aware if you have these pipes behind the walls. Why? Because CPVC pipes will eventually leak, and their deterioration could cause serious damage to a home, or create dangerous situations in a building.

Train infrastructure could become major problem in the future

Last week we wrote a post about a huge collision in California that involved a train and a truck. In a follow-up to that post, we look at a decision made in California regarding trains and train infrastructure, and how this relates to all states and the current condition of American infrastructure.

A proposed super train that would connect San Francisco and Los Angeles and travel at speeds around 200 miles per hour, will have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the route and the actual tracks it will use to ultimately become reality. This is because the train will have to avoid certain track intersection due to its specialized nature.

Legal help is very important when workers' comp is involved

There are so many workers that deal with injuries or accidents every year at their job. Some of them make it out with relatively minor injuries. Others suffer far more serious harm. And others still suffer the most unfortunate of outcomes: a fatal accident. So imagine that you go to work one day and are victimized by a terrible accident that changes your life forever. What do you do? How can you protect your interests in this situation?

It's important to first realize that there's a very good chance that you have some sort of workers' compensation insurance working in your favor. However, even though this insurance is there to help you out int he wake of an unfortunate accident, there can still be some hurdles to clear and hoops to pass through.

Many people suffer injuries after train and truck collide

A tragic accident in California has made the national headlines after many people were injured in a collision between a train and a truck. The wreck caused the truck to burst into flames, and 28 people were injured in the accident, four of which suffered injuries that were serious enough to warrant a label of "critical condition."

If you can believe it, the driver of the truck actually survived the wreck and even managed to flee the scene of the wreck. His time on the lam was brief, though. He was captured about a mile from the accident scene.

Weather may have played role in fatal car accident

A tragic car accident begat another car accident in New York, leading to two people from Connecticut losing their lives. The first wreck involved two vehicles on a highway. There was plenty of bad weather -- an all too typical sight this winter -- which may have played a factor in the wreck. As two of the people from that wreck were standing outside their vehicle, another vehicle lost control and plowed into them at the crash scene. They did not survive the impact.

The person driving the vehicle that crashed into the original wreck scene had to be transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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