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NFL star injured by fireworks over Fourth of July weekend

The Fourth of July weekend has come and gone. Plenty of people enjoyed heaping plates of potato salad, hamburgers and hot dogs. People of all ages jumped off docks and into their local lake or pool. Families came together, friends enjoyed each other's company, and the whole weekend was drenched in a fun-loving atmosphere.

The cherry on top of this proverbial sundae is the fireworks. Every Fourth of July, there are thousands upon thousands of firework shows across the country. Many more shows are done by individuals who put on a display for the neighborhood -- and this is where the trouble sets in. Without fail, many people lose limbs, suffer terrible injuries, and even die every year because of fireworks.

Scooter riders injured after car crashes into them

An accident between a car and a scooter has left three people with injuries and many people wondering how the crash happened. There are few details available in this case, but what is known is that the driver of the vehicle was attempting to make a left turn when the vehicle struck the scooter, which had two people on it.

One of those two suffered serious injuries, though thankfully the injuries were not described as life threatening. The passenger on the scooter suffered minor injuries. The driver of the car did not suffer any injuries. Both of the people on the scooter had to be hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

Cargo load blamed in truck accident that tips vehicle over

We didn't choose our story today because it occurred here in Connecticut, because it didn't. Instead, we chose our source article today for a very specific reason in relation to truck accidents: the cargo of a large commercial truck matters a great deal when you consider the safety of the vehicle.

The story involve a large truck that was carrying multiple rolls of paper. Obviously, this was a very heavy bit of cargo, and the truck tipped over as a result. It is unclear exactly why the truck tipped over, but it is implied in the source article that a 90-degree turn in the road had an effect on the truck.

How should you approach your insurer after a car accident?

Dealing with your car insurance company -- or, really, any insurance company -- isn't exactly a dream scenario. This isn't something anyone wants to do, but it is something that you have to do. It's on par with getting a root canal or moving.

Still, you have to keep your head up after a car accident and you pick up your cellphone to make that call to your insurer. There are effective ways to deal with your car insurance provider, and you can take certain steps to maximize the efficacy of your insurance and to help you deal with the unfortunate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident.

New OSHA rules have employers considering many things

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plays a central role in investigating matters when a workplace accident occurs. Obviously the company or employer involved in the accident will also play a role in the investigation, but OSHA is the overseeing power behind it all. The thing is, OSHA is a relatively small organization given how much they have to cover.

There are only so many workplaces they can see and inspect every year, and with how many workplace accidents that occur every year, it takes time for them to fully investigate a workplace accident. OSHA has taken steps over the years to improve their processes, and one of these changes forced employers to report to the agency the number of workplace accidents that occur (and then have that information made public) based on the number of employees the company has or the relative safety of the company's industry.

Establishing who is at fault, and why, in slip and fall cases

Slip and fall incidents happen all the time. Their ubiquity isn't meant to undermine their severity -- instead, it is meant to augment their importance. These incidents can have life-altering consequences for the people who endure them, and for those that are unfortunately injured due to the negligence of others in this way need to know what kind of legal recourse they have.

Many things can contribute to a slip and fall incident. Carpeting can be ripped or uneven; stairs or structural elements may be broken down or dilapidated; floors may be slippery or wet, and there may not be the proper signage to warn patrons or guests of the danger. All of these conditions, and many other factors, can contribute to a slip and fall incident.

Wal-Mart settles with Tracy Morgan year after tragic crash

Many Connecticut residents remember the horrific truck accident from last summer that killed one man and left comedian and actor Tracy Morgan -- as well as two other people -- with very serious injuries. Morgan has been recovering ever since, and though he has made tremendous strides in that time, Morgan still hasn't returned to work since the wreck and he wasn't able to attend the 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live (for which he worked for many years).

The accident occurred because a truck collided with a limo that Morgan and many others were traveling in. The driver of that truck, which was associated with Wal-Mart, had not slept in 24 hours. The driver is facing criminal charges, and Wal-Mart has been faced with numerous civil lawsuits as a result of the wreck.

Every detail matters when it comes to a car accident

When it comes to car accidents, we all know about some of the major causes or factors. Maybe someone was distracted while they were driving, may it be because of a conversation they were having with someone in the backseat, or because of a cellphone. Maybe the driver was intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs. Maybe the driver was just reckless or negligent.

But some of the smaller, less noticeable factors in a car accident are often the most important ones. They can prove or disprove a person's guilt in a certain car accident. These details are obviously incredibly important, and any victim of an accident needs an attorney on their side to flesh out these details so they can either pursue or abstain from legal action.

Don't navigate the issues of workers' comp without legal help

We've all had our "close calls" at work. Maybe yours was a bit less significant than other people's, but the point is that we have all experienced that fleeting moment where we slipped, or had something nearly fall on us, or we nearly had something spill on us. Any of these close calls, had they been as serious as they could have been, could have caused us some very serious injuries or issues.

And yet there are many people out there who didn't have a close call. They really did suffer the worst possible outcome. Serious injuries or medical conditions were the result of their unfortunate incident, and they are dealing with the tremendously difficult circumstances that these conditions entail.

Falling debris from building kills girl, injures woman

We've all heard the myth of dropping a penny from the top of the Empire State Building. So the story goes, dropping a penny from that height would allow the little disc of copper to turn into a death-dealing bullet if it were to hit someone. Of course, this myth has been completely debunked, but you can certainly understand why people would have thought this originally.

This myth hints at a fear that many people share: an object or piece of debris falls from a building that they are walking by and strikes them. Sadly, this very hypothetical situation became all too real recently when a piece of a building fell off and killed a 2-year-old girl who was standing outside the building. The debris also hit her grandmother, who survived the incident.

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