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Musculoskeletal dangers for tattoo artists

Lifting or moving heavy objects is far from the only thing that can pose musculoskeletal risks for workers. There are a lot of things that have nothing to do with heavy objects that can create such risks. This includes spending a lot of time in an awkward and uncomfortable physical position in one’s job.

Many different types of workers could end up in such positions. This includes tattoo artists. A recent study indicates that being in positions that put a lot of stress on muscles is pretty common among such workers.

Survey: reckless driving most common among drivers ages 19-24

There are a lot of different opinions out there about who engages in the most reckless driving. A recent report looked into the occurrence of dangerous driving conduct among different age groups. The survey results the report regards point to such conduct being most common among young adults.

The survey polled over 2,500 drivers. The survey was conducted between late August and early September of last year. The report contained statistics on how many of the surveyed drivers indicated that they had engaged in at least one of the following types of reckless driving conduct in the previous month: running a red light, speeding or texting while driving. The report broke the results down by age group. The six age groups in the report were: 16-18, 19-24, 25-39, 40-59, 60-74 and 75 and over.

Study: chances of attention problems higher among kids with TBI

Lots of things can have considerable long-term impacts on kids. This includes what types of injuries they suffer during their childhood. Traumatic brain injuries are among the injuries that can have long-term consequences for kids. A recent study points to a child’s abilities regarding attention being among the things that could be affected in the long-term by a TBI.

The study was by researchers from a hospital in Cincinnati. In the study, the researchers looked at the likelihood of attention problems among child TBI sufferers several years after their injury.

Report: Back sprains particularly common in Connecticut

The states here in the U.S. differ in all sorts of ways. This includes in what sorts of injuries are particularly prevalent among their residents. A recent analysis looked into the unique injury trends of the various states.

The company Amino was behind this analysis. The analysis looked at nearly a quarter of a billion health insurance claims to track what injuries were unusually common in each state.

Changes to the state’s distracted driving fines proposed

Here in Connecticut, distracted driving is a finable offense. How much is the fine for distracted driving in the state?

It shifts depending on a couple of variables. One of these is how many past offenses of distracted driving the driver has. If they have no past offenses, the fine is generally $150. If they have one past offense, the fine doubles to $300. If they have two past offenses, the fine jumps up to $500.

Chemicals in the workplace can sometimes pose skin disease risks

Exposure to dangerous chemicals in the workplace could have many significant health effects for workers. For example, some chemicals, when a worker makes skin contact with them or inhales them, could put a worker at risk of developing an occupational skin disease.

Such diseases can vary quite a bit in type. Examples of them include dermatitis, infections and cancer. Each type has its own particular harms it can expose a worker to. What particular impacts such a disease has on a worker can have implications when it comes to workers’ comp matters related to the disease. So, when a person is pursuing a workers’ comp claim in connection to a work-related skin disease, they may want to seek out guidance on what particular workers’ comp issues their condition and its effects raise and how to address these issues over the course of pursuing their claim.

Staying safe when doing DIY work on one’s home

At the front end of a new year, improvements may be at the front of a person’s mind. This can include improvements to one’s home. When it comes to making home improvements, some individuals opt to go the do-it-yourself route.

The DIY route for working on one’s home can have its benefits, including potential cost savings. However, there also are some potential risks that can arise in connection to it. This includes safety risks. Examples of harmful accidents that could occur during DIY work include falls, flying or falling object incidents, chemical splashes, spills or exposures, weather-related incidents and power tool accidents.

Musculoskeletal injuries in construction

Among the injuries that can happen to construction workers at work are musculoskeletal disorders. These are injuries to a worker’s joints, muscles, nerves or tendons. Such work injuries can come about in all sorts of ways at a construction site.

A recent study looked at workplace musculoskeletal disorders in construction. The study, which reviewed various workplace injury statistics, found that there have been big drops in such injuries in construction in recent decades. According to the study, between 1992 and 2014, the annual total for such injuries in the industry fell by around two-thirds.

How dangerous is Stamford for pedestrians and bicyclists?

When a pedestrian or bicyclist is exposed to a traffic crash, they can end up suffering injuries that will cause their life to never be the same. Unfortunately, it appears that traffic crashes involving those who take to their feet or their bike to get around are on the rise in Stamford.

According to recent statistics, in 2016, Stamford saw 110 crashes that involved either a bicyclist or a pedestrian. In 2014, the city only saw around 65 such accidents. The difference between the 2014 and 2016 totals amounts to an almost 70 percent increase in such crashes.

Could frustration at work make a person a worse driver?

Some people end up experiencing a great deal of frustration in relation to their job. There are a range of different things a person may not like about their job. When a person is in a job that they greatly dislike, it can impact them in many ways. Might it even impact how safely they drive out on the roads?

A recent study suggests there may be a connection between not liking one’s job and acting unsafely behind the wheel.

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