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How common are office fires in the U.S.?

Safety incidents at offices can be very impactful, given the large number of workers and visitors that can be present in such buildings. Some office safety incidents have the potential to put all of an office’s occupants in danger. Among these are office fires.

The U.S. sees thousands of office fires a year. According to statistics noted in a recent Safety+Health article, around 6,000 such fires are reported a year nationwide.

Steps parents can take to protect their children in cars

It’s something parents work incredibly hard towards, protecting their children from danger. There are sadly a lot of dangers kids could potentially face out in the world. This includes dangers when they are a passenger of a motor vehicle. Car accidents can expose children to serious or fatal injuries. Reportedly, for children between the ages of 1 and 13, car crashes are the top cause of death.

This week is Child Passenger Safety Week. So, it’s a good time to go over some of the steps parents can take to try to help keep their kids safe when riding in a car. Measures that can be taken to protect a car’s child passengers include:

Drill bit sharpness and concrete drilling safety

Among the materials construction workers can encounter a lot as part of their job is concrete. Construction workers sometimes perform work tasks involving drilling into concrete. Now, there are some safety hazards that can arise in relation to such drilling. So, workplace injuries could sometimes come out of this task.

When a construction worker is hurt doing any work task on the job site, their recovery and their future could be impacted by many things. This includes how the efforts they undertake to get appropriate compensation for their workplace injuries ultimately go. So, when undertaking such efforts, an injured construction worker may want the help of an attorney familiar with the issues and complexities that can come up in relation to pursuing workers’ comp and other compensation-related claims in connection to workplace accidents.

Study: Mind wandering common among drivers

It happens to everyone every now and then. Their mind wanders off and their attention drifts from what they are doing. In many instances, mind wandering is fairly harmless. However, there are situations in which it could have the potential to cause trouble. One is when a person is driving.

Mind wandering is one of the things that could pull a driver’s attention away from driving. A recent study looked into how common mind wandering is for drivers.

Tipping concerns lead to major dresser recall

What furniture a family has in their home isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It could also have safety implications. This includes implications on child safety.

There are safety risks certain types of furniture could potentially pose to children. For example, some types of furniture could have the potential to tip over. A piece of furniture tipping onto them could cause a child to suffer substantial injuries.

Will Congress put limits on state regulation of self-driving cars?

One big auto technology shift that is expected to occur in upcoming years is the shift to self-driving cars. What this shift will end up being like here in Connecticut could be impacted by many things. This includes what sorts of laws the state ultimately puts in place related to such vehicles.

Currently, a proposal is before the U.S. House of Representatives that would put limits on what regulations states can put on self-driving cars.

What is toluene and how can it impact workers?

There are many different products workers use in connection to their job. What substances these products contain can have safety ramifications for workers.

One of the substances a range of workers could encounter in connection to the products they use on the job is toluene. Toluene is a liquid that is clear and colorless. When in room-temperature air, it vaporizes. It has various applications. Among the products it is sometimes found in are adhesives, metal cleaners and paints.

The financial costs of car ownership

Owning an automobile can bring a person a great feeling of freedom. It can also play an important role in their ability to get where they need to be, both for work and in their personal and family life. However, being a car owner also has a fair amount of financial costs connected to it.

This goes beyond just the money one pays towards the purchase of one’s vehicle. It also includes costs related to things such as things such as depreciation, insurance, fuel, taxes, license/registration and maintenance and repair. So, there are numerous expenses car owners incur annually.

Bicyclist deaths up in the U.S.

Sadly, motor vehicle accidents claim many lives here in the U.S. This doesn’t just include the lives of motorists. There are individuals out on the roads who don’t enjoy the protection of a giant metal frame and the safety systems of modern motor vehicles. The lives of such individuals can be particularly at risk when things go wrong out on the roads.

One example of such individuals are bicyclists. There are all kinds of things a family may be feeling following a family member being fatally struck by a motor vehicle when riding a bicycle. This could include confusion over what can be done to seek out justice and needed financial relief following such a tragedy. So, high-skilled and compassionate legal guidance is among the things a family may want to have when trying to figure out how to move forward in the wake of this type of tragic incident.

The dangers of drivers mixing alcohol and fatigue

One of the things that can impact how impaired a person who has been drinking would be behind the wheel is how much they drank. This, however, is not the only factor that can be impactful. For example, even drivers whose blood alcohol level is under the Connecticut legal limit of 0.08 could be dangerously impaired. A recent study suggests that one thing that could lead a person who has drank alcohol but is under the limit to be particularly unsafe behind the wheel is if they also haven’t gotten enough sleep.

The study had 16 participants. These participants were all men and all in good health. They were between the ages of 18 and 27.

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