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Product defects sometimes lead to child falls

There are many experiences that can be very disorienting for a parent. One is their child suffering an injury. Falls are among the incidents that can leave kids injured. Sometimes, a child fall comes about through the natural course of a kid being a kid. Other times though, it can happen through a child being exposed to a hazard, such as a dangerous defect in a product they used.

In the midst of the confusion and worry following their child suffering a fall injury, it can be important for a parent to understand if there are any legal actions they can take in connection to injury. A fall injury can have many serious impacts on a child, so what compensation-related options may be available to try to get financial help to assist with the child's efforts to recover from the injury can be very impactful. One thing that can have big implications on what options may be available is whether the child's fall was caused by a hazard that another party was responsible for. Skilled attorneys can look into the legal situation for parents who suspect a fall injury their child suffered came about through exposure to a hazard, such as a dangerous product.

Speeding particularly common in Connecticut, data suggests

It appears that many Connecticut drivers have lead feet out on the roads. This is what some recently released data points to.

The data was collected from drivers’ cellphones by a phone app from the company Everquote between April of last year and March of this year. The app is one that drivers can put on their phones to learn more about how safe of a driver they are. The app can detect various types of unsafe driving conduct when it is on a driver’s phone, including: abrupt turns, hard braking, risky acceleration, speeding and behind-the-wheel phone use.

Focus: It is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

For what have you used your cell phone today? Maybe its alarm woke you this morning. Maybe you listened to music while getting ready for the day using your phone. You might have used the device to figure out how to get to your brunch date and then to track your steps during your afternoon walk. 

Phones are able to do countless things for us and the convenience of the devices can bet tempting to the point of dangerous. A common source of danger on Connecticut roads is distracted driving. Texting while driving is not only irresponsible. It is illegal. Most seriously, it is deadly.

Report: Lots of unfixed vehicles with recalls out on U.S. roads

Among the things that can create serious safety risks out on the roads are defects in vehicles. There are a wide range of mechanical and other defects cars can potentially have. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that there are currently quite a few vehicles out on the nation’s roads with defects.

The report made estimates regarding how many vehicles there are here in the U.S. that are subject to a safety recall but have not yet been fixed. According to the report, the U.S. has over 63 million active vehicles that have unfixed recalls.

Fall injuries can have big professional implications

Injuries from falls can have significant ramifications. As golf fans may have heard, one fall injury recently had big impacts in the Masters. It led to a prominent golfer pulling out of the tournament.

The golfer in question is Dustin Johnson, who currently holds the No. 1 ranking in the world in the sport.

Safety and health dangers at grocery stores

Running out to the grocery store is an incredibly common errand. Unfortunately, shopping trips at such stores sometimes take a dangerous turn. Instances sometimes occur in which grocery store patrons acquire injuries or illnesses from things they come into contact with while shopping.

Safety shortcomings at a grocery store are among the things that can expose patrons to injuries. Examples of such shortcomings include:

  • Liquid being allowed to pool on the floor and create a slipping hazard.
  • Objects being left in walking areas where they could be tripped on.
  • Store shelves being left in an unstable state.
  • Shelves being stocked in a way where heavy objects could be likely to fall.
  • Store employees acting carelessly.

Even at moderate levels, child lead exposure can have big impacts

A recent study suggests that a child doesn’t need to be exposed to a lot of lead to potentially have their life drastically altered. The study indicates that even moderate lead exposure could have long-term ramifications for a child.

This research analyzed data from a study that looked at a group of individuals from New Zealand. These individuals were born in the early 1970s. Various things about these individuals have been tracked, including their health, since they were young children.

Many might make misassumptions about their driving skills

Given how big of impacts a person’s driving conduct can have, it can be important for a person to be aware of how good of a driver they actually are. Having an accurate picture of this can give a person a firm idea of what areas they might need to work on.

Now, many people might be tempted to just use their own gut feeling when it comes to determining how safely they act behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it appears this gut feeling isn’t that accurate. Surveys have indicated it is fairly common to overrate one’s own driving skills.

Bill would put Connecticut on daylight saving time year-round

Just a couple weeks ago, individuals here in Connecticut changed their clocks to daylight saving time. Like nearly all other states, Connecticut is on daylight saving time for part of the year, and off of it for the other part. A recent bill in the state seeks to change this. The bill would take time changes off the table in the state, moving the state to daylight saving time year-round.

There is a fair amount of debate regarding this proposal, with some arguing a permanent shift to daylight saving time would help the state, and others arguing it could create significant problems.

Brain injuries, falls and the elderly

Brain injuries can come about in many different ways. Sometimes, they occur as the result of a fall.

It appears that brain injuries coming from falls have been going up significantly among elderly individuals in recent years here in the United States. This is what a report regarding brain injuries that was recently released by the federal government points to.

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