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Study: knee injuries may have impacts on a person’s brain

An injury doesn’t have to be to or near the head to have ramifications on a person’s brain function. For example, a recent study suggests that knee injuries can change certain ways that a person’s brain works.

The study looked at the brain activity of individuals who suffered a particular type of knee injury, an ACL injury, after their knee recovered from the injury. It used brain scans to track this. The study found that these individuals generally showed changes when it came to brain function related to moving their knee. It found that such individual's brains showed changes in their brain’s processing of information from their knee and that such individuals used different brain systems than normal when it came to moving their knee.

Preventing work injuries related to grinding

Grinders are among the tools a person could end up using as part of their job. Grinding is a type of hot work. This means it is a job task that could generate sparks or fire.

So, burn injuries could potentially come up in relation to grinding. However, fires or other burn-related accidents are far from the only harmful incidents that could come up in connection to this work activity. Other grinding-related accidents that can happen on the job include struck-by accidents and amputations or other harms coming out of a worker getting a body part caught in a grinding wheel.

Should smartphones have a 'driver mode'?

There are many temptations today's technologically advanced smartphones could pose for people. One is the temptation to go onto apps or do other distracting activities on their phone while driving. But, what if phones had a mode which eliminated the ability of drivers to do these distracting things when behind the wheel? The federal government is making a recommendation to the makers of smartphones and other hand-held devices to develop such a mode for their devices.

This recommendation is part of a set of voluntary guidelines the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is issuing.

Pets in the workplace and worker safety

Workplace environments vary greatly from business to business. In some workplaces, cats and dogs are part of this environment. Here in the U.S., the trend of allowing pets to be brought to work is one that has caught on at some companies. A recent survey indicates that, among businesses that have HR professionals, around 7 percent allow their employees to bring pets to work. This was a Society for Human Resources Management survey.

There are many things that might motivate a company to allow pets at work, including: a desire by the company's owner to bring their pet to work, a desire to have a more "fun" work atmosphere, a desire to increase workplace morale or a hope that having pets in the workplace will make workers happier and more productive.

Thanksgiving the top day for cooking fires

Home fires can come about in many ways. Sometimes, they come up in connection to cooking. While cooking fires can happen at any time of the year, some parts of the year see a particularly high number of such fires. We are now just a few days away from the day that the National Fire Protection Association has ranked the top day of the year for cooking fires.

This is Thanksgiving Day. On this holiday, many individuals are focused on making the perfect holiday meal for their guests. Unfortunately, under the wrong circumstances, such cooking efforts could lead to fires.

Health benefits among the draws of biking

There are many reasons a person may have for taking up biking recreationally or as a way to commute to and from work. Among these are health reasons. A pair of recent studies points to some of the potential health benefits of riding a bike.

One of the studies, a Swedish study, found there to be a link between biking and reduced likelihood for diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The other study, which was from Denmark, found regular recreational or commuter biking to be associated with lowered risks for coronary artery disease and heart attacks.

Distraction rampant in areas around middle and high schools?

When kids are coming to school in the morning and when school lets out in the afternoon, there can be lots of kids walking around in the areas around schools. There can also be a lot of cars driving around in these areas. One could see how this could be a recipe for disaster if people aren’t paying attention to what they are doing. So, one would hope distracted behavior would be rare in these areas.

Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that being distracted isn’t exactly uncommon in the areas around middle and high schools.

Study: Most sports-related eye injury victims are kids

Eye injuries can happen in many different contexts. Sometimes, they happen when a person is participating in sports. Sports-related eye injuries can have implications on all sorts of aspects of a person’s life. What kinds of legal options are available for seeking compensation for such an injury and such implications depends on the specific circumstances of the injury. Personal injury lawyers can help sports-related eye injury victims or families of such victims look into what the options are in their particular case.

Given the ability for eye injuries to affect a person for the entirety of their life, one would hope that sports-related eye injuries would be rare among young athletes. Unfortunately, a recent study suggests that kids make up the bulk of victims of such injuries.

Injury/illness rates especially low among the smallest businesses

Some people work for large companies with hundreds of employees, while others work for small businesses with just a handful of workers. Recent federal data indicates that those in the second group might be less likely to get hurt at work.

This data is on the rate of injuries and illnesses in private industries in the U.S. in 2015. Among the things this data was broken down into was business size.

Drugged drivers and fatal crashes in the U.S.

The list of things a fatal crash could involve is long. Data suggests that one thing that is showing up in more and more fatal crashes in the country in recent years is druggeddriving.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data indicates that, between 1993 and 2015, the number of deadly accidents in which one or more of the drivers involved tested positive for drugs went up rather steadily.

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