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Is Pokémon Go making the roads less safe?

Smartphones have revolutionized all manner of things. This includes how we play games. Thanks to mobile gaming, as long as a person has their smartphone with them, they can play video games wherever they are.

It is important for individuals to remember that just because they can do a given activity anywhere, doesn’t mean that they should. There are some places where gaming has no place. One of these is behind the wheel. Playing a mobile game when driving distracts a driver, making them a risk to all the vehicles and pedestrians around them.

Connecticut deck collapse leaves many college students injured

It can be catastrophic when a part of a house fails. This is particularly the case when the part in question is a deck. A deck collapse can result in a large number of people getting hurt. A recent deck accident in Connecticut illustrates this.

The accident happened at a Hartford residential building near Trinity College. The college owns the house, but has a different party handle its management.

Youth soccer’s popularity, and injury rate, rising in America

The range of different sports children participate in here in America is quite wide. Each particular type of youth sport raises its own unique safety concerns. In every youth sports league, it is important for the league and the adults involved in it to take player safety steps tailored to the unique injury risks of the sport the league plays.

When a parent thinks that a sports injury their child suffered happened because their child’s wasn’t adequately protected, they may have questions about whether they could sue for negligence. Lots of little details can affect the answer to this question. So, when considering pursuing legal action over a youth sports injury their child suffered, a parent may want to have a skilled personal injury lawyer review the details and circumstances of the injury.

Labor Day weekend saw quite a few speeding tickets in Connecticut

The safety of Connecticut’s roads heavily depends on drivers acting responsibly. Unfortunately, quite a few drivers in the state continue to engage in conduct that breaks the state’s traffic laws. This is illustrated in Connecticut State Police data on traffic tickets for this past Labor Day weekend.

According to these statistics, over this recent holiday weekend, well over 5,000 traffic tickets were issued by state troopers. As a note, this holiday weekend was a time of increased traffic law enforcement here in Connecticut.

Workplace rudeness can have big impacts

Workplace problems can come about in many ways. One is through how coworkers act towards each other. As a recent study underscores, an employee being rude towards coworkers can cause a workplace to spiral into very troubling territory.

The study surveyed a group of workers to look at the impacts of incivility in the workplace. The study found that workers subjected to rude behavior by a coworker can experience increased mental fatigue. This fatigue can lead to workers departing from civil behavior themselves when it comes to coworkers. This phenomenon is called an “incivility spiral.”

Keeping kids safe from cleaning product dangers

A lot goes into keeping a house and the various things in it clean. There are a great number of different cleaning products a person may have in their home. Examples include surface cleaners, laundry detergents and dishwater tablets.

Now, while such products are very useful, they also can create some child safety risks. Kids, especially young ones, could come into harmful contact with or swallow such products if they get their hands on them. When this happens, the chemicals in such products could cause significant injuries to a child.

TBIs can have many life impacts on kids

For some injuries, the effects of them are fairly limited, both in scope and time-frame. Others though have effects that can linger for a long amount of time and can affect a wide range of areas of a person’s life. Childhood traumatic brain injuries are among those that can land in the second category.

The possibility of such brain injuries having considerable life impacts was underscored by a recent study done in Sweden.

Connecticut outpacing the nation in traffic death increases

Unfortunately, it appears that the first half of this year was a rough one for the U.S. when it comes to traffic safety. Nationally, traffic deaths are up. Specifically, 2016’s first half saw 9 percent more U.S. motor vehicle fatalities than 2015’s first half did.

The trend of increased traffic deaths was particularly pronounced here in the New England area, with multiple states in the region seeing a traffic fatality increase well exceeding the level of the national increase. Connecticut was among these states.

Electric shocks among possible amusement park ride injuries

Every business that invites customers onto its premises should be making sure to keep things safe for its customers. This includes amusement parks. In a previous post, we discussed how injuries can sometimes occur on the rides at such parks.

Among the things that impact what legal options a person hurt on an amusement park ride has is what safety steps the amusement park took. Skilled attorneys can help those injured in amusement park rides with locating and reviewing evidence related to the safety conduct of the park that the injury occurred in.

What jobs are the safest?

Every type of job has its own unique aspects and characteristics. This is among the reasons why some jobs are on the more dangerous side. Some jobs though, have aspects that push them the other way, making them among the safer types of work to do.

The report we discussed in our post earlier this week which noted some of the country’s most dangerous lines of work also included a list of the safest professions. The jobs that made this latter list were, in no particular order:

  • Medical records technician.
  • Dietician.
  • Statistician.
  • Mathematician.
  • Computer systems analyst.
  • Web developer.
  • Actuary.
  • Accountant/auditor.
  • Paralegal assistant.
  • Interpreter/translator.
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