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U.S. DOT updating its official policy on self-driving cars

Many big questions arise as self-driving cars get closer to becoming a wide-spread reality. One is: What sorts of regulations will states put forward when it comes to such cars?

What regulations a state issues when it comes to traffic matters, such as new types of auto technology, can have some pretty big impacts. It can impact things like what can and cannot be done out on the state's roads, what sorts of safety issues motorists in the state face and the overall safety of the state's roads. Thus, issues regarding what regulations states will have when it comes to self-driving cars are no small matter.

What type of work accident causes the most missed-work incidents?

There are many economic impacts an accident at work can have on a person. One is that injuries or illnesses suffered in such accidents sometimes cause a worker to have to miss days from work. 

According to recently released data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 107.1 injuries or illnesses resulting in missed days from work for every 10,000 full-time employees in the U.S. in 2014. The median number of days missed from work as a result of such incidents was nine. 

Does impulsiveness make texting and driving more likely?

It can be very important to know what sorts of driver characteristics are associated with a driver having an increased likelihood of dangerous driving. Such information can provide valuable insights into things like:

  • What draws individuals to certain types of dangerous driving.
  • What motivations are behind different types of dangerous driving.
  • What groups of people prevention efforts for different types of dangerous driving should be primarily targeted at. 
  • What sorts of prevention and awareness steps might be most effective when it comes to the different varieties of dangerous driving.

A recent study indicates that the personality trait of being impulsive may be connected to an increased likelihood of a certain type of dangerous driving, texting while driving. 

What is the most common cause of significant eye injuries?

Eye injuries can have significant effects on things as fundamental as how a person interacts with the world at large, as what condition a person's eyesight is in can have major implications in such interactions. Such injuries can come about in all kinds of ways. A recent study indicates that, overall, the top way serious eye injuries occur is through falls.

The study looked at eye injury cause for around 47,000 individuals who had eye-injury-related hospitalizations. These hospitalizations happened between 2002 and 2011.

New booster seats getting strong safety ratings

There are many things related to how safe their child is while a passenger of a car that are generally out of a parent's control. This includes things like the road conditions, the weather conditions and the conduct of other drivers. Thus, it can be very important for parents to make wise choices when it comes to the safety-related things they do control.

One such thing is what sort of safety device their children sit in when in the family car. For kids up to a certain age, car and booster seats can provide some significant safety benefits. Now, the various types of booster seats that are out on the market can vary quite a bit in their overall safety. So, which booster seat a parent picks for their child can actually be a pretty impactful decision. Thus, booster seat decisions are ones it can be important for parents to give careful thought to.

Budget deal calls for OSHA fine increases

There are multiple legal mechanisms out there aimed at dealing with workplace safety issues. The goals of these different mechanisms vary.

Some of these mechanisms are aimed at helping workers deal with the aftermath of injuries suffered in workplace accidents. One such mechanism is the workers' comp system. Workers' comp benefits can help injured workers with things such as getting medical treatment for their injuries and coping with the economic effects of losing time from work. 

Survey indicates many drivers have nodded off at the wheel

It's an experience pretty much everyone has had at some point: nodding off while in the middle of something. In relation to most types of tasks, such a nodding off is relatively harmless. However, there are other tasks where falling asleep could put lives at risk.

For example, falling asleep while driving could lead to serious accidents, possibly even fatal ones. One would hope falling asleep behind the wheel would be something very few people have done. Unfortunately, it appears quite the opposite may be true. A recent AAA survey indicates that nearly half of drivers have fallen asleep while driving.

How safe are Connecticut workplaces?

A person's life can be deeply impacted by things that happen at work. Some workplace happenings can affect a person's professional opportunities and future. Sometimes, workplace events impact a person emotionally. Also, some incidents at work can affect a person's health.

Some workplace incidents can potentially even fall into all three of these categories. An example of one such type of incident is a workplace injury. This is among the reasons why it is so important for Connecticut employers to maintain safe workplaces. 

Drivers: watch your speed this Halloween

One hopes that all trick-or-treaters will have a very safe Halloween this weekend. One of the things that can impact how safe trick-or-treaters are out on the streets here in Connecticut is the conduct of the state's drivers. Thus, it is very important for all the state’s drivers to be on their best driving behavior on Halloween.

This includes making sure to take into account the high number of pedestrians that are out on the roads on Halloween when determining what speed to drive at. Driving at too high of a speed could greatly increase the chances of a Halloween tragedy occurring.

Are teens being careful enough about who they get rides from?

One would hope that all Connecticut teens would avoid conduct that could put them at a greater risk of getting into a car crash.

There are many different types of behavior by a teen that could significantly increase their likelihood of being in an auto accident. One is engaging in risky conduct when behind the wheel. Another is getting into the car of a driver that they know will engage in risky driving, such as drunk driving.

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