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Slip and fall at McDonald's leads to lawsuit

Any patron of a restaurant, grocery store, or really any business at all has a reasonable expectation of safety. They shouldn't have to watch every step they take while they are trying to spend their money on goods or services. It is exactly because of this that companies that fail to protect their patrons and uphold safety statutes should be held accountable for their negligence.

One example of this is a man who tried to enter a McDonald's. He was trying to go inside the fast food restaurant when he slipped on a greasy spot. He fell and suffered numerous injuries that, to this day, still plague him. He suffers from neck pain, arm pain and back pain.

Van collides with truck in fatal wreck

Usually when we talk about truck accidents, the story revolves around an irresponsible truck driver, a dangerous truck or a negligent truck company. There are many reasons these factors can come into play. Maybe the truck driver was distracted or didn't get enough sleep or rest prior to his or her shift. Maybe the truck was improperly loaded or had not received maintenance recently. Maybe the truck company purposely manipulated log books so that truck drivers could (illegally) stay on the road for longer.

Trucks rarely get the benefit of the doubt, and it's fairly easy to see why. When they are involved in accidents, there are often serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries involved. Trucks are so large and powerful that these injuries are almost inevitable.

17-year-old pedestrian struck down by motor vehicle

A 17-year-old girl in Danbury, Connecticut was killed in a car-pedestrian accident recently, and another 17-year-old suffered serious injuries in the process. There is little information out there about 23-year-old woman who was driving the car that caused the wreck. It is unknown if any charges are being filed against her, though the police are actively investigating the incident and they are requesting that anyone who saw the wreck should step forward and aid the investigation.

The 17-year-old boy who was seriously injured remained in the hospital after the wreck, being labeled in "serious but stable condition."

MLB fan sues league for failure to construct extensive netting

For any Connecticut residents who are big baseball fans, you have undoubtedly noticed that one of the major storylines of this season has been the injuries suffered by baseball fans in the stands. Rocketing baseballs, broken bats and actual baseball players lunging into the stands have left fans with a wide range of injuries, from bruises to terrible head injuries.

As a result of all of these noteworthy incidents, Major League Baseball suddenly has a crisis on its hands. The netting that protects fans behind the plate doesn't extend far enough to cover the people who are down either baseline -- and in prime position for a laser-like foul ball.

TVs, video camera could allow other drivers to see through truck

On the back of our last post about a truck accident, we bring you a surprising a seemingly-silly story about truck safety. However, this has nothing to do with coffee spills or a driver's inability to hold on to his or her coffee cup.

The idea in this story is that a driver could see through, though not literally, a large semi truck. Why would a driver want to do that? Well, imagine you are one a two lane road and you want to pass the slow-moving truck for faster pastures ahead. That is such a precarious move because you are unable to see the oncoming traffic in the other lane.

Truck driver distracted by coffee causes wreck

A seemingly-minor and uneventful truck accident illustrates some of the ways in which drivers can capitulate behind the wheel of their vehicle. In the following story, a truck driver only adds to the idea that people who are operating large, powerful trucks are prone to distracted behavior and restlessness.

The accident involved only the truck, as it went sputtering off the road after crossing a median and tumbling off an overpass. Though the truck driver suffered injuries, it appears he will be just fine. He was taken to a hospital after the wreck and doctors expect him to fully recover from the incident.

AAA study looks at teen driving in summer months

While a new study provides some information that isn't exactly surprising, the figures it provides are certainly newsworthy, and they exemplify the dangers of the summer months out on the road. The period we are in now is often called the "100 Deadliest Days," and it refers to the time period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During these warm-weather month, there are a lot of people out on the road.

With the increase in road traffic comes another statistical spike: teen drivers are much more prevalent during this period of time. The study, compiled by AAA, looked at accidents from 1994 to 2013. It found that 66 percent of the injuries in a car accident that involved a teen driver were suffered by someone other than the teen driver.

Careless landlord faces civil, criminal action

A premises liability dispute has hit close to home, as residents in Bristol were recently evicted from a piece of property owned by a notorious landlord. City officials actually evicted tenants from the property after it was determined that the porch on the property was not safe. The landlord failed to keep his building up to code, thus leading to these tenants suffering as a result.

The tenants have been moved to hotels in the time being, but one tenant is considering suing the landlord because he refuses to pay for an appropriate hotel for her and her newborn baby that just came out of surgery. Given the landlord's lack of care in the first place, you would think that he would step up to the plate in this specific case. He has not. 

NFL star injured by fireworks over Fourth of July weekend

The Fourth of July weekend has come and gone. Plenty of people enjoyed heaping plates of potato salad, hamburgers and hot dogs. People of all ages jumped off docks and into their local lake or pool. Families came together, friends enjoyed each other's company, and the whole weekend was drenched in a fun-loving atmosphere.

The cherry on top of this proverbial sundae is the fireworks. Every Fourth of July, there are thousands upon thousands of firework shows across the country. Many more shows are done by individuals who put on a display for the neighborhood -- and this is where the trouble sets in. Without fail, many people lose limbs, suffer terrible injuries, and even die every year because of fireworks.

Scooter riders injured after car crashes into them

An accident between a car and a scooter has left three people with injuries and many people wondering how the crash happened. There are few details available in this case, but what is known is that the driver of the vehicle was attempting to make a left turn when the vehicle struck the scooter, which had two people on it.

One of those two suffered serious injuries, though thankfully the injuries were not described as life threatening. The passenger on the scooter suffered minor injuries. The driver of the car did not suffer any injuries. Both of the people on the scooter had to be hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

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