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Bicyclists may receive sympathy after an accident

Bicyclists are commonly taught that they must share the road with drivers, and that they are responsible for adhering to the rules of the road as if they were vehicles themselves. However, there appears to be a growing consensus that bicyclists are not as important as drivers, especially in the context of bicycle-car accidents.

As the calendar turns to April, and closer to warmer weather, drivers must get used to seeing bicyclists in earnest once again. According to several stories provided by media sources throughout Connecticut, a number of bicyclists suffered serious injuries in accidents with drivers last summer.

What are the tax implications of an injury award?

A number of our posts highlight the dangers of automobile accidents. Indeed, the number of distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents and truck accidents suggest that Connecticut roads can be dangerous when people do not use reasonable care while behind the wheel.

But we find it important to talk about these accidents because they can be very important for those who have the misfortune of being involved in them. People injured in these types of crashes can sustain extensive injuries. Moreover, their lives can be changed in the blink of an eye. Imagine having to endure months (or years) of rehabilitation and not being able to work during a long recovery period.

More bicyclists using bike cameras

Proving fault in a bicycle accident may seem easy. After all, a bicyclist’s injuries, combined with damage from a vehicle should be enough to convince insurance adjusters, or a jury of a driver’s fault. But sometimes physical evidence is not enough. In these instances, video evidence may be the one piece that can make or break a case.

Indeed, traffic management cameras may help in providing this information, but a growing number of bicyclists are purchasing their own cameras. Some are embracing helmet-cams, where a small high-definition camera is perched above a rider’s helmet. Others are purchasing “bike cams” which may sit on the handle bars. Both are capable of capturing images that can tell the story of what happened just before a crash. The benefit is that fine details that may be missed through a person’s recollections can be realized.

What to know about National Dog Bite Prevention week

Spring will come soon enough. At least that’s what our meteorologists tell us. Once spring comes, it will be time again for outdoor activities and walks in the park. It is almost of an annual tradition of taking dogs to frolic in the park once the snow melts from park grasses.

Nevertheless, the second week of April is focused on protecting children from dogs. Usually children and dogs get along fine. After all, there are 70 million dogs registered as pets across the United States. Invariably, children will be injured through dog bites. Injuries from dog bites are the second most common cause for emergency room visits for kids. For what it’s worth, children are not the only common victims for dog bites. Elderly Americans and postal workers are also susceptible to injuries.

Speculation abounds as to the cause of a fatal Tesla accident

Less than a month after a self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, another fatal accident occurred involving a vehicle where a human was not necessarily at the controls. According to various media reports, a Tesla Model X was in “autopilot” mode when it crashed into the center median on a busy California highway.

Tesla and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident. Speculation abounds as to what exactly led to the crash, and some Tesla owners are trying to recreate the accident to find a possible cause.

'5 for Drive' provisions could save lives

April is known as national distracted driving awareness month. If you have a teen driver or are soon to have one, you are right to be worried about the hazards on the roads. Indeed, the state has instituted a Graduated Driver Licensing program that is intended to protect young drivers, but teenagers still remain the most vulnerable group of drivers on Connecticut roads. In fact, car accidents are still the leading cause of death among young people ages 15-20, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

With that, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has introduced what it terms “5 for Drive.” It is a group of pointers that parents should review with their teen drivers to ensure they understand how important it is to incorporate basic safety measures while driving.

Important indicators after a traumatic head injury

Head injuries can be very scary regardless of how they are suffered. Aside from the initial headaches, and maladies regarding motor functions that may be seen at the outset, determining the correct course of action in treating such an injury can be a moving target. Essentially, treatment options can range from careful and continuous monitoring or scheduling immediate surgery .

More importantly, the recovery plan for a traumatic brain injury may be based on the person and the nature of the injury.  With that, there are a number of important indicators physicians will look to in creating a prognosis. This post will highlight some of them.

What is discovery and what should I know?

After an accident, the focus should be on physical recovery if you have been injured. However, it does not mean that you should ignore the recovery of monetary damages to compensate for other losses in your life, including lost wages (from the inability to work), property losses and other applicable costs.

Getting to these remedies can be an arduous process. Part of this, especially if litigation is involved, is the process of discovery. Essentially, discovery is allowed so that a party may find evidence to establish the basic elements for a negligence claim. The same is allowed for a party defending a lawsuit to discover evidence to support applicable defenses.

Pedestrian killed by self-driving car

While the drive to introduce self driving cars to America’s roads appears to be going strong, it is not without faults. Accidents involving autonomous cars continue to raise concerns that vehicles that rely on radar, tiny cameras and programming may not be as responsive as actual, human drivers.

An example of these concerns was seen Sunday evening as a self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona. According to a recent usatoday.com report, the 49 year-old pedestrian was walking outside the crosswalk with her bicycle when she was struck.

Skeptical parents should use booster seats

It almost goes without saying that kids should wear seatbelts. Reasonable parents generally accept that kids wearing seatbelts is a good thing. However, some parents differ on the usefulness of booster seats. After all, with cars becoming so much more crashworthy than in years’ past, some may be skeptical about the benefit of having boosters; especially with school-age children.

Nevertheless, researchers have found that many booster seat laws applied to four and five-year-olds, and that boosters were required for children under certain heights and weights. In general, booster seats are known to reduce the risk of neck and shoulder injuries in children. So it comes as no surprise that researchers found fewer injuries in states that implemented booster seat laws.  In fact, the risk of severe injuries to six-year-olds was reduced by 23 percent, while the risk to seven-year-olds went down by 25 percent.

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