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How common are burn and explosion injuries from e-cigarettes?

There are a range of injury risks that can arise in connection to consumer products. Some products can expose users to burns. Burn injuries can be exceptionally painful and can have many long-term ramifications for victims. When people are burned as a result of products that they used, it can be critical for them to get experienced legal guidance on what routes might be available to get compensated for the harms they suffered.

A recent study suggests that there are more burns and similar injuries from one particular type of consumer product than previous estimates indicated.

Fires can be especially deadly in today's homes

Home fires have always had the potential to be fatal. However, it appears that in today's world, such fires carry a particularly high risk of death.

Recent estimates from the National Fire Protection Association point to this. According to the organization, the death rate for home fires is higher now than it was in 1980.

The wide-ranging impacts of brain injuries

Car crashes and other significant accidents can expose victims to many different types of harm. In some instances, they leave individuals with serious traumatic brain injuries. Reportedly, the U.S sees nearly 3 million TBIs a year.

These head injuries can have major ramifications for victims. For example, they can sometimes cause significant physical disabilities. It is important to remember though that the potential long-term effects of TBI are not limited to just the physical. Such injuries could also have major impacts on a person's mental and emotional health. For example, TBIs can sometimes do damage to parts of the brain connected to emotional response.

New effort to protect worker safety arises in the hotel industry

There are a range of safety risks that hotel workers could encounter on the job. One example is the possibility of experiencing violence from coworkers, patrons or other individuals at a hotel. This includes violence related to sexual harassment or assault.

While hotel workers injured by workplace violence or other risks they were exposed to on the job can often seek out compensation to help with injury recovery, it would obviously be preferable for injuries to be prevented and risks to be addressed before they have the chance to expose employees to harm. So, what actions hotels take to protect their workers and keep the work environment safe is a very important issue.

The top Connecticut roads for distracted driving accidents

There are certain dangers that can arise out on Connecticut's roads. This includes the risks posed by distracted drivers. Accidents caused by distracted driving can leave individuals seriously injured and sometimes take people's lives.

Distracted driving accidents can occur anywhere out on the roads. However, there are certain roads in the state that see a particularly high amount of such crashes. This is what recent research done by the Travelers Institute and University of Connecticut researchers points to.

What safety risks come up in connection to woodworking?

Woodworking can show up in a range of industries. Examples include manufacturing and construction. So, there are many different types of jobs that can involve woodworking. Whatever a person's position, when woodworking is as part of their job, it can be important for them to be aware of the safety risks that can arise. It can also be wise for them to be on the lookout for whether anything is happening that could increase their likelihood of suffering harm in connection to these dangers.

NTSB makes recommendations on anti-lock brakes and motorcycles

Anti-lock brakes are required on all new cars here in the United States. However, they are not required for motorcycles. It is very common for these vehicles to not have this technology. It is estimated that, last year in the U.S.:

  • Only percent 8.9 percent of motorcycles had anti-lock brakes as standard
  • Only another 13.3 percent had it as an available option

Should infant walkers be banned?

There are a range of baby products out there. Unfortunately, infant injuries sometimes arise in connection to such products. A recent study looked at injuries related to one particular type of baby product: infant walkers.

The study was by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The study looked at how many infants under 15 months were taken to U.S. emergency departments in the 1990 to 2014 period in connection to walker-related injuries.

How safe are Connecticut nail salons?

How businesses act can have major impacts on their customers. This includes impacts on customer health and safety. Certain missteps by companies could expose customers to significant injuries.

This is the case for a wide range of businesses, including nail salons. When such salons and their workers fail to act properly in regard to safety, customers could end up getting hurt during manicures or pedicures. Chemical burns are among the painful injuries that could come up.

Around a million GM vehicles being recalled over steering issue

How quickly a driver reacts to what is happening out on the roads has very big safety implications. Many things can have impacts on a driver's ability to react properly. This includes how attentive, awake, alert and clear-headed he or she is when behind the wheel. This is among the reasons why avoiding distracted, drowsy, drunk and drugged driving is so important.

However, a driver's ability to react is also influenced by things beyond what state he or she is in when driving. For one, it can be affected by the mechanical condition of his or her vehicle. For example, how well a vehicle's steering system is working can have major impacts on a driver's ability to react to events out on the roads.

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