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Data: Last year saw another drop in the private sector work injury/illness rate

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data on work injuries and illnesses in 2016. The report points to that year having seen a decrease in the rate of cases of nonfatal injuries or illnesses in American private sector workplaces.

According to the report, between 2015 and 2016, this rate dropped from 3.0 cases for every 100 full-time workers to 2.9 cases per 100. This continues a trend of falling rates that the U.S. private sector has been seeing for some time. The nation’s private sector workplace injury/illness rate has gone down nearly every year since 2003.

Do daytime injuries heal faster than nighttime ones?

The circumstances of injuries can vary greatly. These circumstances can impact many things. Some could have implications on how the recovery from the injury will go. A recent study suggests that one thing that could have such an effect is when the injury occurred.

The study involved two types of research.

Electrocution deaths in construction

There are a wide range of hazards construction workers could encounter on the job. This includes electrical hazards. Electrical accidents at construction sites can cause massive harm. They, tragically, sometimes even end with construction worker deaths.

Electrocution deaths in construction make up a large portion of the workplace electrocution deaths in the nation. This is what a recent Center for Construction Research and Training report points to.

Things to think about this Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

Sleep may be on a lot of people’s minds following last weekend’s switch out of Daylight Saving Time. Many people may have used the “falling back” of the clocks on Sunday to get an extra hour a sleep.

Among the sleep-related topics drivers may want to give special thought to this week is making sure to only get behind the wheel when fully awake and alert. That is because this week is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. Many states promote this awareness week.

Study: Concussion effects can sometimes last a long time

Among the things that can have great significance for an athlete who has suffered a concussion is how long effects of their concussion last. This can vary. Sometimes, concussion symptoms don’t end up staying around too long. Other times though, their effects can linger for a very long time. A recent study suggests that, in some cases, concussions might even have permanent impacts on a person’s brain function.

The study looked at cognitive delay in athletes who had suffered concussions. It did this by measuring the brain electrical activity of male athletes with a history of multiple concussions and male athletes with no brain injury history. It then compared the brain response times of these two groups.

What is a corneal abrasion?

Among the things workplace accidents could put at risk for a worker is their eye health. One of the types of eye injuries a worker could suffer on the job is a corneal abrasion. This is the scratching or scraping of a person’s cornea. Among the things a person can experience when they have suffered such an injury include: pain, blurry vision, eye redness, headaches, light sensitivity and tearing.

Various things could lead to a person suffering a corneal abrasion on the job. Such injuries can happen when certain substances get into a person’s eye or under their eyelid. Examples of such substances include:

  • Ash.
  • Dirt.
  • Dust.
  • Sand.
  • Sawdust.

Study raises questions on baby food products and dangerous chemicals

Certain things could put a baby’s health and safety at risk. Among these are chemical exposures. There are a range of chemicals with the potential to have serious health implications for newborns and toddlers.

There are various ways a child could end up being exposed to such chemicals. One way is through the baby products that were purchased for them. So, how careful companies that make baby products are regarding what chemicals are in their products can be remarkably important.

What do teen drivers wish they had learned?

Learning how to drive is a major part of many teens’ lives. What exactly a teen learns as they are transitioning from always being a passenger to driving is incredibly impactful. It can affect how able they are to handle the many different situations they could encounter out on the roads. This can have major implications for their own safety. It can also impact their likelihood of exposing others to harm out on the roads.

Where do teen drivers feel their education on driving has fallen short? A recent survey included questions on this. This survey of teen drivers was commissioned by Hum by Verizon. Among the things teens were asked about in the survey is what they wish they had learned more about when it comes to driving. Among the things many of the surveyed teen drivers indicated they wished they had learned more on were:

  • Handling technology and other potential distractions behind the wheel (around 34 percent of respondents).
  • Jump-starting a battery (44 percent of respondents).
  • Changing a tire (47 percent of respondents).
  • Driving safely in poor weather conditions like rain, snow and ice (51 percent of respondents).

Are state laws helping with the issue of concussions in youth sports?

There are situations in which a parent can be very worried about their child’s well-being and future. One is when their child suffers an injury while participating in sports. Sports injuries can vary greatly in their overall impacts on a child. Some lead to a child having significant care and medical needs. When their child’s sports injury came about because a school, sports league or similar party failed to take appropriate actions to keep their child safe, there may be legal actions a parent could take to help with the financial aspects of ensuring the new needs their child has because of the injury are met. Parents can go to personal injury lawyers for guidance on such options and what pursing them involves.

Among the injuries kids sometimes suffer in sports are head injuries, such as concussions. The attention and awareness around sports concussions and the impacts they can have on young athletes has grown considerably over the past several years. One thing that has occurred along with this are waves of state legislation throughout the country regarding the issue of head injuries and young athletes. Every state has passed some kind of new legislation on this topic. Typical topics covered by such legislation include concussion education and concussion response in youth sports.

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