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Are teen drivers especially at-risk right after getting licensed?

The time right after getting a license may be a particularly dangerous one for teen drivers. This is what recent National Institutes of Health research suggests.

The study looked at teen drivers in Virginia. The study found that teens had a significantly higher risk of getting into a crash in the three months following getting their license than in the three months following receiving a learner's permit. Specifically, the crash risk was eight times higher. Also, the likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors was significant higher among newly licensed drivers.

Staying safe during highway breakdowns

It is a great fear of many motorists: That their car will someday break down on the highway. Having to stop on the highway can expose a person to hazards, such as the risk of getting hit by another vehicle. However, it is important to remember that there are things individuals can do to protect themselves if they have a breakdown.

5 common hazards for tree care workers

Among the many outdoor workers here in Connecticut are those involved in tree care. While safety is important in all jobs, it is especially so in this line of work.

Tree care workers can face many different types of hazards on the job. This includes safety risks related to:

What to watch for when taking your kids to the pool

Here in the hot days of summer, parents may be looking for ways for the family to cool down. One option many families here in Connecticut turn to for summer fun and keeping cool is taking the kids out to local pools.

On family excursions to public pools or water parks, safety is very important. There is the potential for injuries at swimming facilities. So, on such trips, parents may want to remind their kids on how to act safely at the pool.

How common are bicycle injuries among kids?

Going out biking is a summer pastime for kids throughout Connecticut. However, it is not an activity free of risks. Various mishaps could result in children getting injured while out on their bikes. Some accidents just involve a kid and his or her bike. Others involve collisions, such as a collision between a bike and a car.

A recent study illustrates how prevalent bicycle injuries are among U.S. kids. According to this study, over the period going from January 2006 to December 2015, over 22 million kids suffered bike injuries leading to emergency department treatment here in America. This works out to an average of around 25 kids an hour getting such injuries.

Remember sparkler safety this 4th of July

The Fourth of July is almost here. For many families here in Connecticut, sparklers are part of the festivities for this holiday.

Sparklers are one of the two types of fireworks that are legal in Connecticut (the other are “fountains”). However, just because sparklers are legal in the state doesn’t mean there is nothing for families to worry about when it comes to their use. Sparklers raise safety concerns. It is very important for families to keep safety issues related to sparklers in mind during the Fourth of July holiday.

How many high school students suffer concussions?

Concussions can have long-lasting effects for high school students. So, how common these injuries are among such students is a significant health and safety issue. A recent study indicates that suffering a concussion is not at all uncommon for kids in high school.

The study involved a 2017 survey of students in grades 9 to 12. Almost 15,000 such students were interviewed in the survey.

Record amount of travel expected for this 4th of July

The Fourth of July sees lots of people getting together with friends or family to celebrate. So, many people travel in connection to this holiday. It appears this will especially be the case this year.

AAA recently predicted that 47 million people here in the U.S. will travel this year's Fourth of July season. This would be more travel than AAA has ever previously tracked for this holiday. AAA has been tracking Fourth of July travel for nearly two decades.

Safe walking tips for summer

A walk on a nice warm day can be a delightful and refreshing thing. So, it is no surprise that, during the summer months, lots of people here in Connecticut spend much more time out walking than is generally the case during other times of the year.

Time out walking during summer can come with safety concerns though. There is always the risk of pedestrians getting hit by motor vehicles. One would hope pedestrians would always get a safe environment when out and about. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. For example, drivers sometimes engage in careless conduct that can put pedestrians in harm's way. Legal action can be possible for pedestrians harmed by such driver behavior.

Struck-by accident risks in the workplace

Many things can lead to serious workplace injuries. Among these is being struck by an object (or similar types of harmful contact with objects).

While serious struck-by accidents can happen in all sorts of workplaces, there are certain industries in which they are particularly prevalent. A couple of examples are manufacturing and construction.

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