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How worn tires can be hazardous on trucks

In a prior post we highlighted ways to stay out of truck accidents, especially for the spring break holiday for those who are going on road trips. Similarly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is concerned with the speeds that semi-trucks travel  over interstates. Several states have increased highway speeds in rural areas that are 75 miles per hour and above, including South Dakota, Missouri, Nevada and Texas.

While this may bode well for truck drivers who are pressed for time and must make deliveries quickly, it may not bode well for other drivers. Essentially, the tires on many of the semi trucks on America’s highways may not be suited to withstand these higher speeds. The heat that emanates from the road may lead to tires being compromised, which could lead to an accident. 

Helpful things to ask an attorney before hiring one

You probably see enough television commercials for attorneys advertising their services. If you have recently been injured in a car accident, it may seem like every other commercial is for a lawyer. Additionally, you may be inundated with mailings from lawyers asking to represent you. Further, you may be pestered by an insurance adjuster who wants to settle your case.

It is okay to feel annoyed by the process. But your instinct is telling you that you need an attorney to help you through it. With that, it is good to ask questions of lawyers to see which one would be right for you. This post will highlight a few. 

Three ways to avoid truck accidents

In our last post, we highlighted the question that many people may have when planning on renting a car: should I buy the insurance? Through this post, we continue the discussion on upcoming spring break road travel. We find it important because of all of the trucks that travel on I-95 and other major highways.  

With so many trucks on the road, drivers must be vigilant while behind the wheel. After all, trucks are particularly dangerous because of their size. With that, we offer a number of tips for those considering a road trip for spring break.  

Is the rental car company's insurance coverage worth buying?

For many families in Connecticut, spring break is just around the corner, and could not come any sooner given the weather we have experienced this winter. This means that a number of families will go on vacation to enjoy warmer weather. While some will take to airlines for their travel needs, many others will make it a road trip.

Regardless of how to get there, vacationers are likely to rent a car once they reach their destination,  especially considering low rental prices and low gas prices are consumer friendly. However, the price you see for a car on Orbitz or Priceline may not be the actual cost because of the number of additional costs, including tax and insurance. So the question is: should you purchase the rental company’s insurance policy? 

Beware of drunk drivers on Super Sunday

Even though it is not an actual work day, Super Bowl Sunday is essentially a de facto holiday. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will be playing in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. The final game of the NFL season is likely to draw more than 100 million viewers in the United States and millions more across the world. With all the hype and pageantry that comes with crowning the NFL’s champion, the game is unfortunately known for drinking and driving.

With the potential for Patriots fans in our region to celebrate with alcohol, law enforcement agencies across Connecticut and throughout New England will see Sunday as their Super Bowl too. It is expected that additional patrols will be out to keep streets safe. But the potential for criminal charges may not reduce the potential for accidents.  

OnStar customers can save on insurance through evaluations

Have you ever wanted to know how insurance companies would evaluate your driving? Would you want to be assessed even if it meant you could save a few dollars on your insurance premiums? You may be in luck if you are an OnStar customer.

According to a carriermanagement.com report, the satellite road assistance company announced that it will offer customers the opportunity to enroll in a new service that can tell them how well they drive, which could lead to good driver discounts from Progressive Insurance. 

The duty a zoo owes to the youngest patrons

It is sometimes difficult to determine who likes going to the zoo more, children or their parents. Indeed, children like seeing animals that they never have seen before (or only on TV or tablets), but parents enjoy the experience of seeing the wonder in their children’s eyes.

As much fun as it is to have a family outing at the zoo, it is not without its dangers and mishaps. A recent nbcconnecticut.com report highlighted a child who was bitten by an animal at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport. Specifically, part of the glass barrier in the zoo’s South America rainforest exhibit fell off, leaving a small part of an enclosure exposed to the public. The opening was small enough for a toddler to stick her finger into the enclosure, and a Red-Rumped Aguouti bit a toddler’s finger.  

New technology to prevent head-on collisions

We have noted in a number of our posts the risks and dangers that come with winter driving. Essentially, Connecticut drivers must use reasonable care while behind the wheel, but when driving conditions deteriorate, additional care must be taken in light of the circumstances.

This duty is especially important when considering the impact of head-on collisions caused by wrong way drivers. According to an insideedition.com report, 300 lives are lost each year due to these types of accidents. Further, statistics on the speed of vehicles in head-on collisions are even more daunting. A person is killed any time one of the vehicles is travelling at more than 40 miles per hour. 

Tesla's Model 3 raises interesting liability questions

In a prior post, we noted how self-driving cars were going to be on Connecticut roads sooner than we think. It was widely expected that by 2020, science fiction would turn to reality. Automakers have been working for years to introduce autonomous vehicles to the marketplace, and California based automaker Tesla appears to be ahead of the field.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X appear to be the leaders of a new field, but their prices limit them to the most affluent car owners. It has long been anticipated that Tesla would introduce a model with a price tag under $40,000. Tesla recently announced that it will mass produce the Model 3. 

Reasonable care and ice jams

It’s only January, but it has been quite the winter so far. The cold weather is to be expected, same with the snow, but the recent ice jams are unprecedented. In the town of Kent, jams caused flooding because water flowing from the Housantonic River had nowhere to go before the ice melted, thus causing a flood.

The ice jams were likely created by warm weather causing chunks of ice to melt and flow down the river to other towns. When it clogged up at certain points, the water behind it would overtake the river banks and cause a flood. The situation caused a state of emergency, closing several roads. Officials had to use boats and payloaders to rescue residents who were unable to leave. 

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