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OnStar customers can save on insurance through evaluations

Have you ever wanted to know how insurance companies would evaluate your driving? Would you want to be assessed even if it meant you could save a few dollars on your insurance premiums? You may be in luck if you are an OnStar customer.

According to a carriermanagement.com report, the satellite road assistance company announced that it will offer customers the opportunity to enroll in a new service that can tell them how well they drive, which could lead to good driver discounts from Progressive Insurance. 

Essentially, drivers will be given a detailed assessment at the end of a three month evaluation period. The report will detail how well the customer performed and how he or she measures up to other customers. General Motors, which builds many vehicles that carry OnStar, believes that this is a unique opportunity to use real time data to deliver useful feedback to customers who want the information in order to justify discounts.

Progressive previously experimented with using technology to evaluate driving patterns with mixed results. The hope is that the OnStar system will provide the accuracy and transparency to clearly evaluate drivers. It would be ideal if the system could also keep track of driving patterns that are likely to lead to accidents. Perhaps this information could be useful when evaluating fault in future accident cases. It would be relevant to know if an offending driver was prone to driving aggressively, and whether such driving habits led to an accident.

It remains to be seen how this information will be stored and released. 

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