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Is the rental car company's insurance coverage worth buying?

For many families in Connecticut, spring break is just around the corner, and could not come any sooner given the weather we have experienced this winter. This means that a number of families will go on vacation to enjoy warmer weather. While some will take to airlines for their travel needs, many others will make it a road trip.

Regardless of how to get there, vacationers are likely to rent a car once they reach their destination,  especially considering low rental prices and low gas prices are consumer friendly. However, the price you see for a car on Orbitz or Priceline may not be the actual cost because of the number of additional costs, including tax and insurance. So the question is: should you purchase the rental company’s insurance policy? 

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer, and any answer depends on your appetite for risk. If you have your own auto insurance coverage, it is a good chance that your coverage may apply if you rent a car. The same may apply regarding your own personal health care coverage in the event you are hurt in an accident.

From a pure cost perspective, the coverage offered from your homeowner’s insurance may exceed the coverage provided by a rental car agency; especially for the price offered. It may not make sense to pay a substantial amount of the rental cost for duplicative coverage.

Therefore, checking with your insurer to make sure that your coverage carries over to rental cars is an important consideration. If you have questions about coverage limitations, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

The preceding is not intended to be legal advice.

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