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Three ways to avoid truck accidents

In our last post, we highlighted the question that many people may have when planning on renting a car: should I buy the insurance? Through this post, we continue the discussion on upcoming spring break road travel. We find it important because of all of the trucks that travel on I-95 and other major highways.  

With so many trucks on the road, drivers must be vigilant while behind the wheel. After all, trucks are particularly dangerous because of their size. With that, we offer a number of tips for those considering a road trip for spring break.  

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots – It is important to become familiar with a truck’s “no-zones.” Essentially, these are areas a driver should stay out of because you are basically invisible to a truck driver. For truck drivers, blind spots are considerably larger because of the size of a truck’s trailer.

Avoid sudden lane changes in front of a truck – While you may not be familiar with the “swoop and squat,” but you may be guilty of it without even knowing it. Basically, if you make a sudden lane change in front of a truck and then brake suddenly to avoid rear-ending another car, you are putting yourself in grave danger because the truck may not be able to stop in time.

Avoid driving between trucks – Not only would this be claustrophobic and scary, the aftermath could be dire if one of the two behemoths loses control.

If you have questions about your legal rights and options after an accident, we invite you to contact us. 

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