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More bicyclists using bike cameras

Proving fault in a bicycle accident may seem easy. After all, a bicyclist’s injuries, combined with damage from a vehicle should be enough to convince insurance adjusters, or a jury of a driver’s fault. But sometimes physical evidence is not enough. In these instances, video evidence may be the one piece that can make or break a case.

Indeed, traffic management cameras may help in providing this information, but a growing number of bicyclists are purchasing their own cameras. Some are embracing helmet-cams, where a small high-definition camera is perched above a rider’s helmet. Others are purchasing “bike cams” which may sit on the handle bars. Both are capable of capturing images that can tell the story of what happened just before a crash. The benefit is that fine details that may be missed through a person’s recollections can be realized.

Injured bicyclists can seek compensation for their injuries, including but not limited to, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

As roads in Connecticut become more bike friendly, it would not be surprising if more bicyclists wore cameras or had them attached to their bikes. However, there are some measures of caution that bike riders should follow. After all, bicycle cameras do not discriminate in the videos that are produced; meaning that a bicyclist’s faults may also be shown. With that said, it is important that riders follow all rules of the road in order to avoid accidents and to prevent their own injury claims from being compromised.

The preceding is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

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